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How should I choose . . . ?

I want either the Pontiac Solstice or the Saturn Sky. I don't know which is best. Has anyone heard anything about the two?


That's jacked up, Joe Momma! LOL!

Update 2:

Actually, I'm 26 and live in Denver. And everyone I see - actually, they are older. Crap! LOL! I still like them! Whatever . . .

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    Hmm, Pontiac solstice and the saturn sky.

    Lol, your choosing between to competitive cars! =P

    Anyways, It all depends on what your looking for in each car. Are you looking for performance? or just looks? comfort? reliability? what is it that your actually looking for?

    I mean if it's reliability...then id go with the Solstice. But, if your going towards looks... the Sky definitely gets more turning heads :) And finally, if you were looking at either comfort or performance, then i guess it all depends on the packages you chose with the car (thts if your getting a new one).

    If your planningo n getting used cars, then consider what the cars are? A Saturn Sky Redline is 260 Hp with 260 torque. (not bad at all) but all this goes towards tuning and performance.

    But then again, lets not forget their are competitors... Pontiac Solstice also has a turbocharged 260 HP solstice.

    However, both of the cars have pro's n cons (I recommend you do some research on both of the cars)

    One of the major cons i know in both of the cars is that they are BOTH manually convertible. meaning, you will have to manually put the top cover backwards inside of the hood cover. (behind the seat)

    Hope i helped! :D

    Good luck!!

    Source(s): Drive an Honda s2000... Convertible car, so I do some research on other cars as well.
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    They're both ugly. You must be 65 years old cause here in CA thats all I see driving those 2 pieces of crap.

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    go onto car fax and compare each other.or check on motors for reveiws

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