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Question for those who cook Chinese...?

Whenever I use Chinese eggplant (stir-frys, and in ma po eggplant) the skins turn brown. What am I doing wrong? How do I cook eggplant so the skin retains it's color?


Interesting...everyone says it is normal for eggplant to lose color yet when I eat even at low-end Chinese restaurants the eggplant is purple, not brown. I will try steaming, thanks for your input.

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    In all the stir fries I do, my eggplant usually looses it's color, but if it's an issue, you can steam the eggplant lightly before you toss it into the stir fry and toss it in just before you serve it up. The heat tarnishes the color, so the less you cook it, the more colorful it'll be. There's nothing wrong with a little bite in your eggplant.

    Remember, the taste isn't all in the looks!

    Happy cooking!!!

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    A lot of people overcook chinese stir frys...they really just need a little heating - the idea is crunchy veg etc. so careful how much you cook it.

    If you are not overcooking, the steaming idea is a good one - then add the steamed eggplant last and mix it in so it gets covered in the sauce...hope it works!

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    Since color is so important to you try other varieties of egg plant until you find one that makes you happy. All ingredients change color slightly or more when stir frying because of the use of such high heat when done properly. Egg plant skins do brown a bit when they are stir fried and even discolor when fried Japanese Tempura style. It is normal and you shouldn't worry so much about it. to properly stir fry you should really be using a high output gas burner of no less than 50,000 BTU. That's 2 to 4 times hotter than a gas stove in your kitchen can put out.

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    i never heard of cooked eggplant retaining color, unless it is cooked in 2 inches of oil..which is a dish sometimes served at Chinese restaurants.

    I personally like to grill them and then add it to different ways of cooking..Eggplant absorbs so much oil and liquid, I find grilling it really retains its natural flavor.

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