Create my own website?

may be a stupid question (but I ant to KNOW!), how would I go about starting my own website?? Any info would help! thanx

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    1 decade ago
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    It is not a stupid question. You are thinking great. But I love blogs more than a website. There are lot of websites who provide you to make a free website such as You may try them first.

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    OK, when you REALLY desire to layout and create your possess internet site from scratch and you've got very little programming enjoy, then utilizing WYSIGYG program is your great wager. If you have already got entry to FrontPage, that's a well one, however there are a couple of on-line choices to be had, even though they most of the time come tied in with internet hosting. Decide on how so much you desire to pay, discover your area identify and purchase it, discover in which you desire to host your web page. You can discover many choices in which the internet hosting is unfastened as much as a highest dimension - seek Google or equivalent for this. Then select whether or not you desire a professionally designed internet site or no longer, for this you'll both discover a able pal who will do it unfastened/affordably, a Computer measure pupil who demands the train, a internet clothier/developer who is probably not inexpensive however a minimum of you are going to get a good web page. A legitimate webdesigner will likely be in a position to propose you at the great option to achive YOUR requisites in your finances and what is extra, furnish a preservation and replace provider as good. Otherwise, get your self a couple of well books and gain knowledge of HTML, Javascript, CSS and when you desire a database at the back of the web page a CGI language, this will likely be discovered via your host server, when it comes to Windows anything like ASP with both an Access or SQLServer database, when it comes to Unix or Linux, anything like Perl, PHP or C with a MySQL database will do the process. Hope this is helping!

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    For just getting started you need the following things.

    1. Free Web host - 110MB

    2. Free Domain name -

    3. Basic Knowledge of HTML - W3CSchool

    4. Help from Webmaster - iTZFREE

    If you are done with above thing you could have a successfull website in future.

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    You need a domain, a host and then either design yourself or have someone else do the design and coding for you.

    Check the link below for more detailed explanation of what is involved in getting a website.

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    1 decade ago

    You can find step by step guide on how to create a your own website at website like .

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    1 decade ago

    If you want to get a free host, just for starters, here is a search page loaded with them. Its just an option.

  • 1 decade ago

    You need to learn the


    HTML and CSS.

    Here's a great site which can really help you:

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