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Doubts About Sarah Palin?

Do you think that if she gets in as VP, she could really handle the Oval Office if something happens to McCain?

Is she up to it? What do you think?

Do you think this video gives the the right insight about this subject?

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Very interesting.......

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    It also gives me doubts about McCain. He is the one who put her there. Talk about horrible decision making that him putting "Country First"???? In addition to his bad choices..he has become increasingly antagonistic to the point of making foreign matters worse, not better. He's too anxious to have our boys go out there and get killed for what has now become a complete and utter failure. His view is to keep throwing more wood on the isn't going to work.

    Wake up people. McCain should make you scared...very scared.

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    Yeah, she is really sheltered. I do not get the whole Russian foreign policy experience thing. There are so many things wrong with her explanation as to why Alaska being geographically close to a remote Russian territory thousands of miles away from Moscow gives her foreign policy experience.

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    I think her stupidity is coming to light. She's not as accepted now as she was when McCain first introduced her. Gee, if you don't want her in the White House (ever), I think the only thing left to do is go out and vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden.


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    If John can't choose a qualified running mate, how can make wise and beneficial decisions for the well-being of American people.

    So yes, Palin is an April Fool's joke on everyone...

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    W.W.I.I.I. ! that's what she would cause if she became president she is a crazy right wing lets drill in the back of the white house and go to war with the E.U. and the rest of the world cause we can.

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    I think anyone with good common since could be President with all the help around them. She seems to have done some good things in Alaska already according to her constituents. We need a change as they say and McCain and her both wants to cut back on earmarks and wasteful spending and that is gonna be what it takes right now!

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    I don't think she is qualified to be a Den Mother, or Mother for that matter much less President of the US. Luckily I don't think we will ever have to worry about it. Every time McBush or the chick from Alaska opens their mouth President Obama goes up in the polls.

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    Your not going to get anyone that plans on voting for McCain to answer that she is not up to the task. That said...

    Dems 08!

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    There are so many opinions and pros and cons about everyone . I think that this whole presidential race is a big laugh. It worries me if you want to know the truth

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    Yeah I was asking myself the same question...and obviously NO SHE CANT HANDLE IT!

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