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Can two straight girls fall in love?

This is a really weird situation, and although for many people the answer may seem clear it's not that easy.

i spent 3 years talking online to a guy. for two years we were just friends, with a little more interest in each other then we probably should have, but we were both dating others. after that time i found out he'd been lying to me, and wasn't the person he'd said. We talked it through, he told me who he was, and we got into a deeply emotive relationship. we were in love. about 9 months later i was desperate to meet him and he agreed to do so. Two days before we are due to meet he cancels on me. i demanded answers from him, after allot of tears and confusion i find out he's really a she.

I was angry and upset but after a few days we spoke again. We met, as two girls. it was nice, a little strange at first but we then eased into it. i Still have feelings for this person, and she does me. everything we talked about was true except for the fact he was a she. I can't forgive the lies, and i don't know if i could give up the chance to have children and get married etc. but i don't want to lose this person from my life, they're the only person i've ever truly loved.

What do i do?

I'm confused.


i just want to add i'm nearly 22, she's 24, i've been in serious relationships before, this one has always been different. i'm not worried about telling people two of my closest friends are gay and my family is very open.

thankyou for the answers so far!

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    the answer to you first question in me. And you can't truly love someone without physical contact. It's not really love you just think it is...Why do you think you your feelings changed once you saw her????? If you have to think about the negatives it's not really love. Move on to something else.

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    You only live once, so do what makes you happy. Take chances, its the only way you'll learn. Yes I believe 2 straight people can fall in love. Maybe it was a phase but I have never been attracted to a girl in my life, except for 1 girl that I dated for 4 years. Its been 4 years since then and I haven't looked at another girl. It was just something about her that it didn't matter what her sex was. There is a difference between loving a friend and loving a girlfriend, but only you will really know which category you fall into, nobody can tell you. Just remember that gay relationships can have their downfalls. If you do go with her, are you planning on telling people? Are they going to be okay with it? What if they aren't? You have to decide if that's a risk worth taking, especially if you decide that you really don't want to be with her in the end.

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    three years is a pretty long time, and I don't think you should give up on her after all that. I mean, they say that love is blind, right? If it doesn't see age, race, or religion, it shouldn't see gender either.

    If she's worthy enough to give up marriage and children, I say keep going. But even a bit of uncertainty is enough to tell you to stop. Having a family is a pretty big deal, and I'm not sure if you'll be emotionally strong enough to sacrifice that life.

    Friendship lasts as long as marriages do, and sometimes even longer.

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    awww hun

    if you really love the person give it a chance

    of course your not going to be able to forgive her for lying like that for a while

    but if yu love the person, theres nothing yu can do

    its not like yu can turn off your feelings

    youd probly be more happier being with the person

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    If your happy see where it goes. Doesn't mean you have to go without children, plenty of blokes out there! And what is a wedding anyway.

    I would see where it goes. Its not like you have to spend the rest of your life with them. If you don't, you'll always be wondering what if....

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    I'm guessing you're young.

    You're not in love.

    It's creepy and dangerous to talk to people on line, let alone MEET THEM FACE TO FACE.

    You should stop this. Maybe be pen pals.

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    You are attracted to both male,and females. Hence you are a bisexual.

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    Im as confuzed as u r!

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