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Why isn't our Navy battling those pirates right now that hijacked that ship with 33 tanks on board?

It seems that they are just sitting off shore, watching it...waiting for the Russian navy to get there. We all know that the Russians are probally going to blow it out of the water. Why is our Navy just sitting

back and watching? Those weapons could go to terrorists!

Besides, this isn't the first time this happened. It has happened a lot in the last few years. Why can't we wipe the pirates out?


This article is the most recent, from a half hour ago:

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    Well shiver me timbers!

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    Well, these are some good answers, some good ideas. It's basically the same reason the NYPD doesn't storm the bank in all those hostage movies you see. There are 20-30 civilian mariners on there, and a bunch of nothing-to-lose pirates armed to the teeth with RPGs and AK-47s. Any attack would probably result in dead sailors, Americans too, so it would have to be a last resort. That ship looks like a Ro/Ro, meaning that they could drive the tanks right off if they could start them, which is probably why everyone is following this story so closely.

    Piracy is growing because it's very easy for these people to make millions of dollars doing it as opposed to living in filth in their home countries. Shipping companies refuse to arm the personnel because of insurance liabilities. It would raise the prices at Walmart.

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    The American Navy is just watching to make sure that those weapons stay on that ship. When the Russian Navy gets there they will take over and deal with the situation as they see fit.

    If it weren't for a hand full of Ukranian sailors on board I am sure that ship would have been blown out of the water by now.

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    possibly to stay out of any "choosing sides" between the Russian and Georgia conflict? If the United States Navy helped Russia get there weapons back, then it would almost appear that the USA condones what Russia s doing to Georgia O_o

    Source(s): Just my thoughts
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    There are Ukrainian civilians on board that ship. Ukraine is a friend of ours. Getting their people killed won't exactly make us popular in Ukraine.

    The biggest worry on board that ship are the tanks. And the tanks can't be offloaded at the little village where the pirates have the ship.

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    Better for the Russians to attack it and detonate the ammo accidentally and possibly kill all on board and sink it than us.

    If the Russians do was their tanks and their ammo and their spare parts they were shipping to Kenya.

    If we do was Russian tanks and Russian ammo and Russian spare parts that were being shipped to Kenyan buyers.

    Taking out the pirates and possibly sinking the ship wouldn't help our international relations with Russia (which are strained right now) very much.

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    Why waste expensive ammo on pirates when the Ruskies are going to blast them anyway. Let the Russians do the dirty work and our navy can take the credit later.

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    Trying to keep the crew from being sacrificed . The last I heard, the crew was being held for ransom.

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    33 RUSSIAN tanks are on it. Let them get their merchandise back.

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