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why bother trying to live?

im 17, and i have always been slightly miserable for one reason or another, and im starting to realize life is not worth living. you see, life is constant suffering... bills, debt, making enemies and losing friends. there is NO point to life. also i am still a virgin and am not at all physically attractive. it seems even alcohol can't ease my frustration anymore. there is no god, and when you die you rot in the ground, so my question to you is why bother suffering through life when nothing you do matters?


byt the way im not implying suicide. im debating.

Update 2:

also no, my funeral would have my parents and thats about it, i dont have many friends and the only reason they would be there is because they had to pay for the funeral.

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    Our friend Tony killed himself last october 27th.

    He had a multitude of problems:

    Ill behaved ex wife, juvenile diabetes, distance with siblings, no children, little education, no wealth, ordinary looks,

    He will never know how much he mattered to those who loved him, We think about him several times a day and miss him, his mother died of a broken heart 7 months later, his mom was only 63. He killed himself with his dog in the room, the dog will never be right. Our family found him dead in our home, our daughters had wanted to be nurses, but that makes the choice to do that harder. I will be on antidepressants the rest of my life. My husband blames himself because we were busy at church when he did it.

    You will leave too many people behind to hurt for the rest of their lives.

    Please reconsider, you will be the only one out of the mix, everyone else will still be there and be hurting forever.

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    If you're implying suicide or something... suicide is the easy way out.

    If you can do something to change your situation, do it.. even if it means going to the gym and getting fit so that you're another obnoxious egotistical human being - at least you would have done something.

    Bills and debt are hard, but limiting your spending and/or moving in with family or roomate(s).. anything to save up some money, can help improve the situation.

    And as for the making enemies part.. find a different crowd to hang out with..

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    Work out and you'll become physically attractive. Even if you have an ugly face, if you have a SEXY body women will dig you. Especially when they're drunk

    See, your problem is YOU"RE the one drinking. No.

    Get the GIRLS drinking, while you stay sober and pretend to be a bit drunk.

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    i'm 18 about to turn 19 in a couple of days and my life sucks too!!!!

    but for now Tv matters internet matters and video games matter!!!!!

    hurray for electronics!!!!!

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    you need some professional help

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