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Who should do the calling?

We met three weeks ago and have been on one date (besides the night we met). Early in the dating stage..should the guy do all the calling/texting? I am so confused on the GAME nowadays and how to play it. I just really like him and don't want to mess anything up. GUYS do you like girls that text/call you in the early dating stages or do you like a little mystery and to do all the communicating. Does it make you want her more when you do not get a text or call from her and it is all up to you?

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    You got me! In me and my potential girl friends early stages she started all the texting..then I started texting her first and calling her..then it went back in forth then for a while we stopped we're back at it again. there is too much mystery in our relationship thus far. I prefer it if we only texted each other once the morning..once in the afternoon..and once in the evening..that way we dont smother the hell of one another. To answer your question I think it should be fifty-fifty!

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