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Does this whole truth squad thing scare you?

It is starting to scare me. I mean, I was nervous about Obama's terrorist ties and lack of experience, and his anti-American crap really put me off as well. But this? It just seems to be taking it too far. He is suing people for saying bad things about him (with commercials, etc.), even though these things are NOT lies and the man he sued said, "I have not said anything untruthful and can back up my claims." Now he has sheriffs, attorneys and other public service officials whom he has commanded to "go after forcefully" people who are "spreading lies" about him? Who has the final say over if things are lies or if they aren't? Obama? It starts with lawsuits. Where does it end? That is the real question, isn't it? He says he wants a civil military? As in like Hitler's Brownshirts, the precursor to the Shutzstaffel (better-known as the SS)? It is time to get scared, people. Does this scare you? Let us not forget that Nazism and Hitler came into power in Germany with only about 50% of the vote.

Hitler basically said to people, "Will you accept racism and persecution if I give you jobs and security? Will you accept these things and more, whatever I say if I promise to make your lives better?" And the people's overwhelming answer was YES. THAT is the dynamic you see at work here. And that scares me.


Get a grip?

Still look "unofficial to you?

Update 2:

I didn't say he is a communist and then compare him to Hitler. here are you getting that? I compared him to Hitler. Period. And I stand by that. Apparently, so does the governer of MO. Some of you are so blind it is scary.

Update 3:

Get a grip? This is from the governer's own website:

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    Yes, the Governor of Missouri called this an abuse of state authority.

    I contacted the Gov and thanked him and suggest all do the same.

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    Democrats and Republicans are the same. Behind close doors Dems and Reps are always in agreement. To the rest of the world, they act like they are against each other. This creates the illusion there are two sides of ever issue. In reality, they are the same thing. The Central Government, run by bureaucratic servants called Democrats and Republicans, know that there is a 11% approval rate of the government by the US citizens. This is unacceptable to the Dems and Reps. They need away to show there power. So creating a fear atmosphere, will get the citizens attention. This will also let them portray they are doing something for the citizens that cannot be done without the government. I't is a forced recognition of power in all its tyranny. One of the rules of war when facing a stronger enemy is to divide and conquer, rather then to attack your enemies force as a whole. Knowing that citizens and there constitutional freedoms/rights are a thee governments greatest enemy, creating a diversionary tactic such as Republican and Democrat would divide the governments enemies "citizens + constitutional freedoms/rights" Once divided, the enemy is far easier to conquer. In this case, when we are divided, the Central Government can take away freedoms/rights, and implement tyrannous laws a lot easier than if we were united. Vote for ANYONE else besides Democrats or Republicans. I't can be anyone ranging from a third party candidate to Mickey Mouse. Just don't vote for Democrats or Republicans. They were bought and paid for a long time ago by bureaucrats. When Dems or Reps are elected, they serve the interests of transnational corporations that paid for them to get elected, not the citizens. I't is the greatest acting out of a "good cop bad cop" scenario in history. Just remember. The Tea Party is the Republican Party. "I'f your a multi-billion dollar transnational corporation and you pay for, 1 President + 435 Congressmen + 100 Senators + 9 Supreme Court Justices, then you have total power over 350,000,000+ citizens and all there resources."

  • A court of law has final say over whether something is true. Slander and libel are against the law and just because someone says they're innocent doesn't mean that they are. Most people don't admit to being outside of the law. You can't say that he's a communist and in the same breath compare him to Hitler. Facism and communism are the antithesis of each other. Which one is it?

    Edit: I'm sorry for not being more clear, you only compared him to Hitler but many who oppose him voraciously will use the two interchangably.

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    A great many of these people here do not know what you are talking about, This is why a woman was in my yard today asking me if I wanted to change parties and if i was going to vote early they had peoples names on clipboards the party the belonged to addresses and annual incomes. yes incomes, she gave me a bunch of stuff on Barrack obama and they are banning early voting in some states . He is following very close in Hilters footsteps , if people are not scared they should be on caution. Until this election plays out and someone besides Obama is in office, if he does get in office god help us all , I think to this is why the Supreme court reinstated our second amendment rights. there is a reason all this is playing out now.

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    You know socialism is one hair away from communism? Oh_oh, I should keep my mouth shut as the truth police may come get me!!! NOT!!!!

    ooooooooo< scared.

    Hey Bama, bring it!!!!!!

    I can debate better than most. I'd love to get a national camera in my face. I'm not politically correct nor sensitive to our diverse society! WE ALL CAN START SOME NATIONAL BLOGS THAT WOULD TAKE THE ENTIRE NATION BY STORM. It would take about 30 minutes for FOX to make it headline coverage...........and poor Bama, he would have to live with his buddy Hugo Chavez when it's all over.

    This crap makes me go @!#W$%%(*)KW^%~!~WE!~$%.

    This truth police does take it too far. I think Bama needs a lesson as to how powerful a few million well placed talented bloggers can be in this country.

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    If Obama could run with the big boys I believe he would. Fortunately for us, this tactic to censor free speech exposes more of him and his agendas. Good post. Also checkout for more unbiased reporting on the subject.

    Evidently Obama believes free speech is one sided. Will he change his stance if elected?

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    cause he is nothing more than a scared little man who is afraid the truth will get out, i hope that this proves he is nothing when they get into court and wipe the floor with him and his bs, he is going to intimadate the american people and clearly admits he wont do this to our enemies..they get tea and cookies...something is wrong with this picture..i would love the truth squad to come after me..i have some things i would love to say to them

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    Read the Book of Revelations and see the similarities between the prophecy and Obama now that is scary.

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    Don't worry he needs the votes of two people he won't get on election day:

    1. white blue collar workers

    2. Senior citizens


    also not enough of the women vote.

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    LOL Ok if you say so. LOL Be afraid cause the will of the people will put Obama in office.

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