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Help on a ferret problem.?

Im writing an essay to let my parents know how much i really want a ferret and how much i know about them.

I dont really know what to put in it.

Please help :)

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    Google ferrets and you'll get a lot of info.

    put these in your essay

    1) cage life

    2) food

    3) play time

    4) litter training/potty training

    5) play toys they like

    6) possible vet bills

    That should be a decent start

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    That you will take the responsibility to properly house break them to a litter box. Even baby ferrets start out as much as a puppy would in a cage or small area with easy access to a litter box so the learn where the toilet is and clean habits.

    Then as they get a little older you can gradually give them more room to roam around just making sure that when they are sleepy they go back into their cage until they wake once more.

    To help keep the smell down they make all kinds of really nice sprays and also washing their ferret bedding 1 time a week also helps to keep the smell down. A extra added security of a baby gate in your bedroom door will be a good idea also as ferrets can be sneaky buggers and learn how to sneak by you even when you are looking.

    To me a ferret is a good pet to start out with as they are better then a hampster, guinea pig and such. They are very loving and love to have a good time.

    Source(s): Proud owner of 2 ferrets that have free roam of the livingroom.
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    Ferrets are loving gentle hearted creatures that are very mischievous and playful! I own 2 Ferrets right now and since i was a child i have had 15, we use to rescue sicks ones from pet stores and pounds.

    I will give you the best advise i can:

    1. Yes ferrets are fine on there own but it is definitely more entertaining watching them interact with a friend!

    2. ferrets live by the rule treat others as u wish to be treated? They are curious little animals but as long as the other animals play nice so will ferrets i have never seen an aggressive behavior out of a loved ferret. I have never seen a ferret and a rat together but i have seen plenty of cats and ferrets and i f anything they just leave each other alone and respect each others privacy.

    3. yes you can keep them outdoors depending on geographical location ferrets like warm place and dislike the cold especially the wind. ferrets are very capable and brave creatures but snakes can be a threat or a treat either way is bad ferrets must never be allowed to have raw meat they will begin to crave it and become more aggressive don't let that scare you though i have never seen it actually happen the are always loving creatures.

    A multilevel ferret cage is the best idea but i have seen them in smaller on level cages it just depends on how much they are out playing.

    they are awesome pets for adults and children my 2 year old son loves his albino they play together all day with our 1 year old Bulldog

    as long as you keep the cage and the litter clean and wash them in the sink with ferret shampoo every 3-4 days they dont at all they do on the other hand have a very distinct smell not bad though

    The initial cost of a new ferret with all necesary supplies is around $300-$400 but like i said ferrets are much more fun when they have a friend i think i just bought my wife a second one! so in my mind cheap considering how much dogs and cats cost plus after that it just High protein kitten food or Ferret food consult you vet about types of kitten foods theres suppose to be a certain percentage of protein to keep your ferret healthy

    i find no real diffrence i will say that if you do get two get one of each they are more playful kind of flirtacious but i have yet to find a place where i could get ferrets that werent already fixed.

    They actually refer to it as de-sexing the ferret because they remove the sexual organs of both genders so that there are no isues because she is right if they dont mate they will die.

    ferrets never need attention as long as they get out of their cage to play but they sure love you affection and attention when you give it to them. But like i said always better in a pair.

    Ferrets are in my opinion one of the best pets out there there lovig and fun very funny and will from time to time let you know just how much they really do love you!

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    You have a lot to learn. And you obviously don't know anything about them. They are not rodents they are STRICT CARNIVORES WHO EAT RODENTS. Rodents have teeth that continuously grow and they need to chew to keep them short. Ferrets have canines like dogs and cats and do not need to chew to keep them short. Also rodents are omnivores and ferrets are NOT.

    Source(s): I did research.
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    Ferrets smell of pee all the time.

    And they are really freaky.

    And not really cuddly.

    But if you want one, talk about how much of an impact it would be to you, and what you would do with it, you know?


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