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what are the TOP 5 main differences between Democrats and Republicans on the issues?

Political views aside, what would you say are the TOP 5 main differences between Democrats and Republicans? In other words, list your 5 main differences between the parties as if you were showing them to someone who is completely clueless with politics and are trying to decide which party is for them. Please no silly attacks on the party that you do not agree with. I am just curious as to what people think are the main differences between the two.


Clarence. Obviously you have trouble understanding. I never once said "politics aside" like you claim. I said "POLITICAL VIEWS ASIDE" ... which means to not be biased in your answer. Please learn how to read and comprehend before wasting time replying.

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    1. Republicans believe we can win in Iraq and should be there to keep our country safe. Democrats believe we should be in Afghanistan to keep us safe, and that we should not be in Iraq.

    2. Republicans are for deregulation and tax cuts for businesses and the rich, because they think that allows companies to succeed, leading to more jobs, which means the wealth trickles down to the middle and working classes. Democrats think that corporate greed impedes the trickle-down process from happening, so they are for less tax cuts for the rich, and more tax cuts for the middle class, working class, and poor.

    3. Republicans think we should drill in our country for oil, to relieve our dependance on foreign oil. Democrats dont see that as a sustainable solution, and think we should invest in wind, solar, natural gas, hybrids instead.

    4. Republicans have more conservative views about social issues, and these issues tend to align with their religious views. They don't believe a woman should have the right to get an abortion. They also don't believe gay people should be allowed marital rights. Democrats do.

    5. Republicans don't think we should spend as much for government programs such as welfare, healthcare, education. They think those programs are costly to the people who work and pay taxes, and make us a "nanny state". They think Americans should generally take responsibility for themselves rather than relying on government. Democrats believe that government should be a tool to improve communities, and people's way of life. They also think that the "personal responsibility" theory doesn't work because greed gets in the way. Government intervention is what allows the have-nots to get the boost they need to succeed on their own.

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    what are the TOP 5 main differences between Democrats and Republicans on the issues?

    Political views aside, what would you say are the TOP 5 main differences between Democrats and Republicans? In other words, list your 5 main differences between the parties as if you were showing them to someone who is completely clueless with politics and are trying to decide which party is for...

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    If you're talking about Republikkkan and Democrat leaders, the main difference is that Democrat leaders pay lip service to caring about the poor, working class and middle clase, but they'd never actually do anything to upset the stranglehold corporate America has on government in the US. While Republikkkan leaders unabashedly and unapologetically promote the interests of corporations and the wealthy elite, while openly showing contempt for the poorest and most vunerable segments of the US population; all the while hypocritically thumping a bible. If you're talking about the difference between the Republikkkan and Democrat political consituencies: Republikkkans tends to be racist, bigoted, willfully ignorant, violent, psuedo-"Christians," chicken hawks who live to lick the boots of corporate America. Democrats just about everyone else who votes.

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    I will assume that you ask this question in regards to party policies, because some of the current political figures aren't in line with party policy.

    Democrats V Republicans =

    Pro Abortion V Pro Life

    Big Government V Less Government

    Less Military V More Military

    Save the Animals V Save the People

    High Taxation V High Tax Breaks

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    This is my take on Republicans vs Democrats:

    1. Less government intervention vs more government intervention

    2. Benefits for rich vs benefits for poor

    3. More family oriented vs more individual oriented (republicans are more for families and religion and democrats are more for individual rights such as gay rights, abortion rights, etc)

    4. More foreign policy oriented vs more domestic policy oriented

    5. More conservative ideals vs more forward thinking ideals (republicans are more about relaxed ideals when it comes to the environment and democrats are more about protecting the environment and democrats are usually for affirmative action while republicans usually are not, etc)

    I'm an independent though because I find good in both parties. I would say for the most part I'm more democrat in economic issues but more republican in social issues. I'm about half and half when it comes to foreign policy. Although I think it's good to have political parties (it stirs up debate and can represent both sides of an issue), I see absolutely no need to belong to a party. It is completely pointless to belong to a party unless you agree 100% with the party, so why limit yourself to voting by party? Vote by the candidate you think will do the best for our country. Put aside some of the things you may disagree with, because no one is going to be a perfect candidate for everyone, and just vote with whose policies impress you more, NOT personality (which seems to sadly be the case with some people). Oh, and also if you vote third party you may just as well throw your vote away. Don't even bother in showing up at the polls, because a third party vote will not work in a election such as the President.

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    One has the lies come out of the left side of the mouth while the other uses the right side. Booth groups are paid for by corporate America and are pitted against each other to make people think all problems come from the party instead of the puppeteers!

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    Republican side 1) pro-life 2) pro 2nd amend.(right to carry firearm) 3)favor keeping our constitution 4) smaller government 5) supposedly less taxation and spending (we used to be like that) with reagan! that is my main problem with my party hold down the spending! Ill let a dem answer theres!

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    1)foreig-oh wait they both endorse the view that we shoudl police the world and send aid and troops everywhere

    2)Monetary pol-nope both endorse the bailout, the federal reserve system

    3)respecting the Cons-oops, sorry both parties fail at that

    4)well the dems though iraq was bad-oh wait oops not until after it turned bad

    5)Both parties result in less Liberties.

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    Tax System -- trickle up(r) vs trickle down(d)

    Labor -- free market(r) vs unions and regulations(d)

    Spending -- High Defence(r) vs Infrastructure and smaller defence(d)

    Foreign policy War Mongers(r) vs make allies & collisions(d)

    Corruption -- both are corrupt

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    Against Abortion Rights

    Against Gun Control

    Against government regulation of big business

    Favor prayer in schools

    Favor war in Iraq


    Favor Abortion Rights

    Favor Gun Control

    Favor government regulation of big business

    Against prayer in schools

    Against war in Iraq

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