What are two themes of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book?

I need 3 specific details supporting both of them PLEASE!!!

this would help me SOOOO much!! :]]


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    Friendship of course 1. because after all their individual sufferings, losses, and hard times, in the end they are all there for eachother, and are like eachothers support system. 2. The first person they tell their troubles to are eachother, even when Bridgette closes up about losing her virginity, and about the loss of her mother, she eventually tells her friends and lets out all her emotions and feelings to them. 3. Even being so far away they are stilll close, still have love for eachother, still put eachother first. An example of that is when they all fly out to Greece to come help Lena look for the pants.

    2. Seeing past stereotypes/Diversity: These are all VERY very different girls, yet they have been friends for so long, and are all such loyal friends despite their differences. Lena is very shy and quiet, Bridgette is very loud and outgoing, Tibby is somewhat negative and a bit of an oddball, and Carmen is highly opinionated, and stubborn and the biggest of the girls. You think that blonde slim Bridgette wouldn't be friends with a girl like Carmen, but they are, they see past their appearances. 2. The pants fits them all, all different body parts, this kind of symbolizes that friendship is like a One size fits all type of thing, everybody needs some good friends no matter who they are/or what they look like. 3. All have very different familys, lifestyles, and aspirations. Bridgette is an athlete, Tibby is a film maker, Lena is a shy and quiet artist, and Carmen doesnt even quite know what she wants to be (until the next book when she acts i guess). I really hope I've helped!

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    Sisterhood Themes

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    Its been a long time since I read it so I can only think of one theme and that is the value/ importance/ power of friendship. How they help each other through hard times and all that.

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    Carmen not something extremely hapened that summer season for her she went on some dates with this one guy n then her step sister is composed of city she ran far off from homestead and then her mom all started relationship this guy and he or she all started getting jeolous because of the fact her mom might spend each mintue of the day with this new dude Bridget finds letters that her grandma been sending her and her brother and their dad has been hiding them so she is going to her grandmas and pretends to be somebody else and that i forgot something in the 1st one she replaced into like blonde and athetic and with the aid of this she dyed her hair black and he or she additionally gained like 20 kilos so she starts strolling like she used to and he or she loses the burden she has a romance with this guy she use to be pals with and that's extremely it for bridget Lena she broke up with Kostos and he or she starts to flow right into a melancholy and sooner or later kostos shows up on the homestead and he or she falls for him then he returns to greece and then lena finds out her grandpa died so they fly over to greece and that i cryed in this area it replaced into so reported and then she finds out that kostos is married and have been given the girl pregant Tibby she is going to this university component have been she movies issues she realizes she has fallen for Brian and that's bascaily it that occurs in her tale i might say the subject is friendship idk although

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