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my neck hurts after husband threw me on the floor?

My husband and i got into a physical fight. he was showing my 1 year old how to hold a blunt (weed). it was paper that was rolled up and it wasnt really weed but the fact is he tried to teach him. anger came over me and i slapped him and told him not to ever do that type of s**t again and he started coming towards me and grabbed me and twisted my arms and started shaking me and hit my head on the floor twice. My neck is hurting and so is my back and my jaw. should i see a doctor or will the pain be over soon? this happened a day ago and im still in pain.

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    Get out of there! He is dangerous! He could have killed you. He doesn't care about you or your son.

    Yes, go to the doctor just so you have proof he did physically hurt you and then go to the police as soon as possible.

    You really need to do what is best for you and your son and your son being around domestic violence is not good. My dad would hit my mom and they would get into physical fights and honestly it just tore me up inside and I don't think I have ever healed from it.

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    Whatever else you do - see a doctor first. Then, decide - is the man often threatening and violent? Then leave - and go to the police. This could have ended much worse. If this is a first time - be firm, and give him a clear warning (if YOU want, that is) - do this again, and i`ll have your backside in jail, and the divorce arranged so fast that your head will be spinning till kingdom come. DO NOT BACK DOWN ON THIS - or he might just do it again. Using physical violence in anger is stupid, and a real man shouldn`t need to resort to this. Are you still here? Then turn off the computer and go to the doctor. And, tell the doctor HOW it happened as well.

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    Are you even serious? I really hope not. But if you are, you need to pack yourself and your kid up and get the hell out of there. He's already showing your baby how to do drugs and abusing you - it's only a matter of time before your baby is getting thrown on the floor too. DON'T worry about the fact that you slapped him first. The fact that he was able to do so much damage tells me that he does NOT need to defend himself to you. Any decent man would have taken like a man, not try to beat up on you like a bully! Besides, by trying to show your baby how to do drugs, he deserved to be slapped. But you definitely did NOT deserve to be hurt like that.

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    You need to leave him now or next time might be worse. And if you don't get out of there and your husband continues being abusive your child will pick up on that and start treating you just as badly as he grows older. Take your child and get out of that relationship. He is abusive and will probably hurt you again and like I said next time might be worse.

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  • Anonymous
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    You have probably strained your neck and back from the force of the shaking.

    The bigger issue is your druggie husband involving your kid in ANYTHING to do with drugs. Do you want your child to grow up around a person like that?

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    Child, the question about seeing a doctor is not what you should be asking. A better question would be how quickly you could take yourself and your child out of that situation? Yes, go to a doctor..

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    First, take your child and yourself somewhere away from your husband, and then go to the doctor. He was abusive, and you do not need to be in a relationship like that, nor does your child need to be around that type of violence and mentality........

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    absolutely yes. Is there a huge height difference between you? because it seems to me that a slap doesn't warrant that kind of beating. Better safe then sorry.

  • Anonymous
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    Your husband is abusive! I'm assuming your 1 yr old saw him do this to you. If this doesn't stop, he's just getting started!

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    this sounds more of a plea for help rather than a question whether or not you should see a doctor...

    you need to talk to someone

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