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issac brock summary ?

can someone make a really short summary of isaac brock?i also need to know if there was anything about him AFTER 1814


im talkin about the war of 1812 -_-

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    The best of the British General in the War of 1812. He felt he could be used better in Europe but nevertheless prepare British North America thoroughly for potential war with the USA and when war came he was influential in pushing the American's onto the back foot. He was well liked by the Canadian volunteers, the few regulars and the Native Americans, especially the legendary Native America leader Tecumseh. Before his death Britain was in total control of the war, after his death the American's were able to fight back.

    He died at the Battle of Queenston Heights on October 13th 1812 and his last words were either "Push on Brave York Volunteers" or "Push on, don't mind me".

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    O yeah and do your own homework.

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