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LG VX8350 vs. Samsung Glyde?

Can't decide between a touch screen or flip

same price with my plan

any pro's/con's with either phone?


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    i think it is depends on what you do with your cellphone.

    if you just do calling, go with flip phone.

    if you do texting alot, go with glyde.

    by the way, glyde isn't that good phone. voyager is very.

    glyde is about $49.99 and voyager is about $99.99 after mail-in rebate.

    have you ever think about getting env2?

    it doesn't have touch screen but it has everything you can think of it.

    i got env2 and i love it. it looks like bar style but i can open it and text.

    and i got it for free.

    i don't know this will help you or not.

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