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I just bought a small bamboo plant. How do a make and keep it healthy?

I bought the little three stalk bamboo plant at half price. It is all yellow and dieing though it still has green leaves. How can I make it healthy? The only tip I found was using bottled water to water it, any other suggestions?

I already know that it isn't actually bamboo, I just need tips on how to make it healthy.

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    Here is info from my favorite site, below.

    Keep water fresh by changing it every week, and always keep water levels at approximately an inch from the base of the canes. Lucky Bamboo prefers plenty of indirect sunlight and room temperatures at 65-70o. Although opinions differ on feeding, your Lucky Bamboo is a living organism, so it makes sense to occasionally add a mild solution to the water such as African Violet fertilizer. Since growth can be controlled by feeding, small amounts of fertilizer will keep the plant at a manageable size.

    and just for fun

    3 stalks = attracts happiness

    5 stalks = attracts wealth

    7 stalks = result in good health

    21 stalks = offer a very powerful all-purpose blessing

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    Is It that lucky bamboo? That's not true bamboo, but if it is,it likes loose soil,well drained,lots of sun, and when it gets established put the fertilizer to it,if it is not true bamboo. it like shady indirect sun..

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    Do you have it planted in soil?

    Bamboo really won't thrive unless it's actually in some dirt.

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    you must do yoga and meditate, and pass the peacepipe.

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