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Does taking ambien with food increase its effectiveness?

I am looking for a knowledgeable answer. With many prescriptions/supplements, some work significantly better when taken with food, some do not. How does ambien work out in regards to this?

Thank you!

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    No, the opposite. Ambien is best taken on an empty stomach, though your physician or pharmacist may direct you to take it with food; food can stop some of the drug being absorbed and may decrease the effect of Ambien. This is true with most meds. although some meds are to be taken with food if there is the potential to cause stomach upset or ulcers.

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    Ambien And Food

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    Depends on the type of supplement. Fat soluble ones are best taken with food, or at least milk. Those are the ones recommended to be taken with or after food. Other supplements are water soluble, and can be taken with anything, with or without food. The water's only a lubricant to get the tablets down your throat, in that case. In any event, the regular consumption of 2.5 litres of water daily can only help you, because an ample supply of water regulates your metabolism, aiding the assimilation of the supplements you take.

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    When taken with food or immediately after a meal, it may take you longer to fall asleep

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