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My sister is 15 and she got three tickets in two weeks, what will happen to her?

She got her first ticket two weeks ago for curfew violation. Before that my parents called the cops because she was out until 2:00 in the morning, but the cops let her slide. Three days later, she got a ticket for drinking. She blew a .05. The cops are looking for her right now, so she will probably get another ticket either for curfew or drinking if she's drinking. What will the judge most likely do?

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    It's difficult to say without knowing what state you are in. But your sister is clearly out of control and on a dangerous, self-destructive path. You also don't indicate whether she has any prior criminal history aside from these tickets.

    If I were the judge and all of this information came before me, I'd start by giving her a lecture and sentencing her to some time in a juvenile detention facility. If there were a "boot camp" available, I'd opt for that as the judge, especially if there were no prior history. If the state's laws permitted it, I would also put restrictions on her ability to get a driver's license -- her drinking at such a young age indicates that she cannot be trusted with a vehicle.

    You can help your sister. She is obviously acting out for some reason. And it is likely that there is other undesirable behavior going on you haven't told us about -- does she have a boyfriend? Does she have access to drugs? Do her friends run with a gang? Potentially, there could be some serious danger there. Even if she doesn't wind up pregnant, addicted, or in jail, she's still way too young to be drinking unsupervised by a responsible adult.

    If you need to, get some professional help like counseling or therapy, and try and create a loving and supportive atmosphere at home. Good luck and I hope things work out well for her.

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    Sounds as if she is out of control. Maybe he will make counseling mandatory, send her to Juvie, Foster care - who knows.

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    Shes definetly going to juvi.

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    Sounds like she needs a good spanking.


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    a few days in juvie, i don't know, or she might get a fine

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