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My BF says he cant control the urge of having sex we have sex maybe 1 a week when i say im tired he wont stop?

we have different schedules i work days he works midnight i am often very tired and its the truth im not using it as an excuse but he can not control himself "so he says" he will continue to touch me and try to get me to give in- he says he thinks he needs to go to the dr. does anyone think he may have something wrong with him? im really at wits end bc it frustrates me SO much i love him and i know he loves me and respects me but i just don't get it he gets extremely crabby if we don't do it we fight more over sex than anything else we have started to talk about marriage so we are pretty serious i don't wanna end it im just wondering if anyone else has this problem or if any guys get the same way and there thoughts on it


I should also mention I have two children and he has two we have a house full and it ends up being a long day when its bedtime and it adds up im not being mean or holding back on purpose

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    Once a week does not sound like too much to ask!!

    If you love him, make an effot to set aside some time specifically for lovemaking! Be the one to approach him, even, I'm sure he would love that!

    Men need to feel desired, too. Recognize that it is important to him even if it may not be important to you.

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    I can see how he would want more sex. Once a week? C'mon that's kinda harsh don't you think? I thought you were going to say 3 or more times a day lol, then I would definately say he needs to see the doctor.

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    you should talk to a Doctor, it may need some help?

    Sounds like he may have a problem with self control?

    I'm not a Doctor, but it doesn't sound right to me?

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    There isn't anything wrong with him. He has a high sex drive. You have a low drive. Very simple.

    Luckily for me, both my bf and I have high sex drives =D~~

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    once a week? i feel bad for him .. i have sex with my bf atleast twice a day && we both have jobs and i go to school and we live an hour away from eachother

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    i dunno. my ex used to be kinda the same way... but she would always try to help out if she could..... some guys are just really horny.. as long as he not just using you for sex... i would say help him as much as you can. i couldnt keep my hands off my girl... just being around her made me like that...

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