Is it ok to think I am bi-curious male teen?

Alright. I'm 15, I'm a christian (Please, no flames on the religion), and I think I'm bi-curious.

As most teen guys, I look at pornography online a lot. Well, not A LOT, but you know what I mean.

Well since a year or 2 ago, I've been looking at gay, bi-sexual, she-male, and other kinds of types of pornography more and more.

I've been through a lot emotionally, like my house burned down last year, and a lot of family problems (As most people have). I don't know if bi-curious-ism(?) is bad, or against Christianity, or whatever.

I have yet to find another guy to experiment with, but I have experimented with myself a lot. I doubt anyone wants me to get into that>.>

But yeah, I just wanted to know if this was normal for my age or if it's against my religion. Please e-mail me at with your answer or oppinion, and please, no flaming. Nobody likes those kinds of people.

Oh, and I know a lot of teenage girls are bisexual-ish, but I don't hear about guys that much.

Well, that's about it.

Thanks for the help yall =]

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  • Eric
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    whats wrong with being bi-curious? i mean, think about it. its just the way you are. its like being black or white. the reason people see being gay/bi whatever as a bad thing is because they are so used to people putting it down like its wrong. its another form of discrimination which most people dont see. faith has nothing to do with your sexuallity. dont let people put you down or make you feel like your living the wrong life because your so used to being told so. and a lot of times we dont hear about bisexual/gay teenage guys is because guys have fear to lose their masculinity and are not as sensitive to accept things

    hang in there, things will come out the way theyre meant to

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    Ray, at your age you are in the experimental mode. You have

    not figured everything out yet. Don't be putting a label on

    yourself. You are looking at porn, but it is the part you can

    identify with - the male aspect.

    You have not found someone to experiment with as yet

    but even if you do find one - it does not deserve a label.

    Many teen boys have those early relationships.

    At a later time you may find that you very much enjoy

    the company and benefits of relationships with females too.

    A friend told me if you are bi sexual you have twice as much

    chance getting a date on Friday night.

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    Seriously, don't listen to assholes that try to tell you you should be one way or the other. I'm a gay man, and that was something I had to discover for myself. Kid, don't worry, you're allowed to be any kind of curious you want to be. There are plenty of guys your age that get aroused by seeing other men naked, etc. You have to consider that your hormones are RAGING right now, and practically ANYTHING sexual can turn you on.

    However, I agree with one of the answers here, and that's to not label yourself so much. I grew up for 18 years with a hardcore Catholic dad, going to church every Sunday. I've listened to Biblical verses since I was a baby, and I can tell you, I never once heard the priest say, "Oh, and by the way, keep in mind that being gay is a sin and you're going to hell." Religion, like many things in life, is what you make of it.

    Oh, and keep in mind, just because a whole group of people believe something doesn't mean you have to. You're your own person, as much as you might want to fit in at this stage of your life. You can believe in God and be faithful and love Him just as much as any other Christian, but still be okay with homosexuality—trust me, I've seen it in action, and it's beautiful. I may not be religious, but religion can be a wonderful thing if you interpret it as you see fit, and don't necessarily let other people dictate to you what to think about yourself.

    Finally, you may end up being gay, straight, bisexual, whatever. No matter what happens, you've got nothing to be ashamed of. Just keep exploring safely, keep an open mind, and when the time comes (I was around your age when it happened), you'll know. There's no pressure to put some label on it or figure it out now. Hope I helped...:)

  • Anonymous
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    Listen, you wanna be a Christian? Fine. However, you're gonna have up put up with the fact that your religion bans a bunch of ridiculous stuff, like touching a dead pig's skin (i.e. footballs), wearing clothes of more than one material, eating lobsters, etc. etc.

    There are some websites that offer insights into how these verses should be interpreted in the modern Christian's life... just Google something like "interpreting Leviticus".

    Now, the only person who can answer your sexual orientation dilemma is you. Just wait it out, you've got a long life ahead of you. Don't be too concerned with good and evil, just do what feels right.

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  • I wish I can tell u that is ok to be bi-curios male, but its not ok on ur religion to be bi or gay, that is against the christianity and U know that. If u were not Christian i would say its completely normal to be gay, but for people that follow to christ isn't normal, I used to read the hole Bible before and on corintos says that people that are gay, and do practice the witchcraft etc... are not going to heaven, I'm not against to nobody but also say who is not with god is against to him. myself I have lot of things that I have to change about my behavior, so I'm not body to tell you what to do. I don;t know if u read bible but its sounds like u don't asking those kind of question. I do believe in god and jesus christ and the saintspirit as I told u, sometime we do have to do some sacrifice that are against to the religion if we wants to keep going in the way, that kind of confuse sexual preference can move u from the way, and U have to decide what u really like by ur own, pray ask god to take away any confusion on u, and u will see it will go u will have more spirituality than ever. pray will give u the answers.

    when I was child I like 5 y.o. i used to play with my friends -girls, after it I felt really bad, something inside me told me that was wrong. and i was just 5.I asked to myself why i want to do this? so i pray, and I asked god what happend to me what is this good feeling when I play and bad feeling when I end? I was just 8 Y. O. and i felt that there was somebody watching me and telling me WTF are u doing? can u believe it? well. I think that was god, and also my own moral that born with me at that time. something inside the human mind and body make us to experiment about sex, we don't really born knowing our preferent, we have to choose it, so at 8 we stopped, and when I grow up i understood that. now I'm not really lesbian, it doesn't even catch my attention seeing 2 girls kiss each others, I don't think they are disgusting or something like that I'm not homophobic, but It just go away when I found what I really like boys.

    Source(s): By tje way If u find out that u are bi or gay, it better to go out from the religion then to pretend to be something that u are not. and If u find couple better to tell ur couple also ur bi-preference before , so there is not suprise and nobody can get hurt. I'm one of those poeple that think like this ( when I know i can hurt somebody I prefer to go away, it's not good to hurt intentionally.) u are in a age to understand many things.
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    Ok, don't listen to people like Wesley, religion is not what you make of it, you should try to understand what the Bible meant for the people back then, and how it applies now days, you can't just say that you believe in Christianity and then believe only the parts of it that you want to believe, that's wrong!! You should just pray about everything and believe that God will show you a way to help you out, and believe me, he will help you. You just have to be patient and open to his works even if they may not be in the way you would want them to be in... good luck, I will be praying for you!!!

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    It's totally fine to be bi-curious at your age, you won't know for sure if you're gay until you do a lot of experimenting with both guys and girls. Most guys don't find out for sure until they're in their late-twenties to mid-thirties.

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    i think its great. im not a christian so i dont know if its against the religion, but if you want to experiment with your sexuality, you should. Be safe, be careful, and just do what you think will make you happy. ppl are going to tell you to do a lot of things in life, and a lot of them are very judgmental and prejudiced when it comes to issues like this. but like i said, you really should just do what makes you happy. the world is full of ppl who will accept you for who you are and will love you and be your closest friends. it may not seem that way now, but you will find them. good luck and sorry about your house

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    I think its bout the same amount of girls and guys that are bi but you don't really hear of it with guys because they're less emotionally expressive.

    About it being againts Christianity.. I don't know..

  • your a drama queen seeking attention play video games and give your bore dam and bi nutsoism a rest find a nice girl and you wil find true happiness

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