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Why do you Enlisted hate us so much?

To any Enlisted Marine what the hell is your problem? Why do you guys treat us Lieutenants like we don't know anything when we know a lot more than you. We have something called a college degree and we have been through the same exact training plus more than you have. It doesn't make sense to me. I can say from experience that getting my degree was about twenty times harder than OCS. I just don't get why you enlisted feel like you're more qualified to lead it doesn't make sense to me.

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    Enlisted include Gunnery Sgts to Sargeant Majors so, yes, they do know more than you and are better leaders. It appears that it's just YOU that they hate. Lose YOUR attitude toward enlisted. A college degree doesn't make a leader, it only makes you more educated in specific areas, but not in life. One day you may learn that a lot of enlisted between E7 and E9 have college degrees. Yes, as a commissioned officer you have the responsiblity and accountability but until you start taking into account the opinions of your enlisted ranks and making decisions with that information in mind you will not make it far.

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    You answered you're own question, "We have something called a 'college degree' and we know a lot more than you." so many, not me because I have a college degree and a law degree, take that as a condescending attitude of superiority. Maybe you should try to look at the fact that many enlisted men and women, while not having had the benefit of college, do have the experience ans knowledge that can only be gained by service.

    If I didn't know better, I'd swear this was a troll post, but a commissioned officer would never do something like that, right?

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    I am guessing you got your degree in Political Science, or Psychology, 2 degrees you can't really do any thing with out side the Military.

    Every Marine should respect the rank automatically . The man though, he earns his respect. A gunny vs a 2 year LT. Does 10 weeks of OCS, and 2 years make you more qualified to lead then the 14 year GySgt?

    A good Lt listens to his enlisted leadership. He seeks the input of those above and under him. It is up to him to use it or not. But the enlisted like to put in their two cents.

    Acting the way you do is why the enlisted hate you Sir. I hope your a Silent Professional in front of your Platoon. And are not waving a degree in their face, or shoving your rank around.

    Lead by example.

    I have had great plt commanders so far. Every deployment I just keep getting lucky. But I have seen how terrible a Lt can be. The effect a cocky, arrogant, pompous, know it all, yet undereducated Lieutenants can have on the moral and work ethic of a platoon. Thank god, as far as I know, none of my friends have died because of one of you.

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    Well lets see here. We enlisted as I am a Army Soldier and a NCO... I have had my run ins with my LT`s and other officers that would not listen to us that has the experience and knows what we are doing on the battlefield I as well now have a degree so with the comment of you know more than WE do.. because sir really you don't know anything the NCOs do we are with our troops for along time we know there personal life there family's and there problems. You are only there with the Troops for a short time to do paper work and plan missions. The mistake the officers make is they like you come out of collage and think they know how to lead a Soldier,Marine, or Airman in combat when us the NCOs have been on the battlefield for years now while the officers have been in you school or your OCS trust me you dont know what is it like to come out of basic training and go strait to combat and the only people you have to look up to is NCOs because the officers we had never went outside the wire. Listen to your troops and take what your NCOs say to heart they know how to lead and have been doing it while you were still partying and drinking we were in the sand getting shot at. So Sir really respect is earned think about what I said in this and know it is the Soldier,Marine,Airman, or Sailor that does the work we at this level do not we make a plan and give it to them so earn there respect and you will have a great career and no bad ORBs..

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    In the Marine Corps you don't need a college degree to become an officer (Same for the navy).

    The officers who get true respect are the ones who work there way up from the enlisted ranks and become an LDO or limited duty officer.

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    A friend who was prior service told me a a story about a LT during a training exercise.

    They were training in the field. The LT wanted my friend to salute him. My friend tried to explain to the LT that they're in the field, he wasn't supposed to salute. The LT insisted, so he gave him a salute. The LT was "shot".

    NCOs have been in the Army longer and have experience more than the newly commissioned LTs. You may have more knowledge, but you don't have the combat experience of an enlisted. And from what I've heard Basic training and OCS are NOT "the same exact training".

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    Young Lieutenant, I am speaking as a former Navy and Army officer. From what I know about the Marines I served with, your post surprises me. I have witnessed Navy personnel disrespect Marine officers, but I have never witnessed Marine personnel disrespect Marine officers.

    When I was commissioned, I learned there are two kinds of respect. There is the respect for the rank that comes automatically with the commission. And there is also the respect of the individual officer that has to be earned.

    Are you on good terms with your senior NCO? Your senior NCO has two responsibilities:

    - to train and manage his/her enlisted subordinates

    - to train his/her junior officer platoon leader

    Your senior NCO is probably the best source to get to the root of the problem.

    I would suggest you post your question on a Marine forum where you can get feedback from current and former Marine veterans. Search the internet using "Marine" and "forum" as your keywords.


    Good luck with your career. Thank you for serving.

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    Let's see. Who would I rather have in charge in combat: A Gunnery Sergeant who has been in for a long time or a snot nosed Lieutenant fresh out of OCS.

    But I think what you are refering to is that from an Enlisted point of view Officers get promoted depending on how much your lips are attached to a Colonels back side. And not promoted based on hard work and merit like it should be.

    As far a college goes you are way off base here. I have college and I am Enlisted. I know Enlisted men and women who have Bachelor's Degrees and Masters Degrees. They just like being Enlisted.

    Finally, your arrogance is going to ensure that you have a long and miserable career in the Marines.

  • SFC M
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    I respect every Marine Officer I've ever worked with or for. Maybe I've been lucky, and met the good ones; or maybe Marine officers are just that good. Who knows.


    Any Marine Lieutenant who complains about a lack of respect from enlisted Marines on Yahoo Answers might need to re-think things.

    Maybe that lack of respect is directed at YOU, and not the fact that you are a Lieutenant, or a college boy, or whatever it is that you are sensitive about.

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    here's why. just because you have a degree or you went to more training than us doesn't make you better or more knowledgeable. ive done 5 deployments, 2 afghan and 3 iraq. so who's more knowledgeable? you come in as plt cmdrs thinking you run the show. when in actuality you don't. you may call in your air and arty strikes and get the bronze star for it. but who goes on the daily patrols and engages the enemy every time. we do, the enlisted. the problem with butter bars is because they have degrees they demand respect not earn it. sit down, shut up and listen to your enlisted, you may learn something and you may get their respect. i had 2 bad Lt's and 3 incredible ones. they were good because they admitted that they had zero operational experience and we had experience. we respected them because of that and would have followed them anywhere. now don't get me wrong as enlisted there are certain customs and courtesies you have to show. its just the rules. some enlisted take it to an extreme. just try and find a balance between listening to your enlisted and commanding respect. one last thing, you cant spell lost without the lt, ha ha.

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