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I'm confused on this one?

Okay so the Eagles LOSE to the cowboys and they are hands down the 2nd best team in the NFC. (lol at the bears beating them) And then the Redskins come in and dominate dallas in every way shape and form in dallas, and it is because they weren't focused. LOL the cowboys were beat soundly by the better team today. HAIL!!!


Froggy obviously did not watch the game because scores don't always tell the whole story, and starmark is a very sore LOSER.

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    It just shows that the NFL is wide open this year.........no real dominant teams.........

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    Hail indeed. The haters are going to eat some more crow after next week when we beat Philly. It's funny that people here are still writing the Skins out of the NFC East equation after today. The Eagles didn't even make the playoffs last year (and didn't improve that much) and yet they are suddenly head and shoulders above the Skins in everyone's eyes, including the "experts," even after tonight (well maybe not in the case of the "experts). I don't get it.Today's game was no fluke.

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    Hail Skins beat the Eagles next week and I will kiss their feet. They lost to the Giants but they were just getting use to things then. They are great and underrated Redskins football is back.

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    To Starmark, there is someone on Yahoo Answers that supports the Redskins and is part Native American. Most Native Americans feel that it is an honor for a football team to be named after them. So for you to call us racist is just stupid on your part. You should learn the facts before you make a comment and make an idiot out of yourself. You're trying to make something out of nothing, you must be a cowgirl fan.

    Here's the link and their name is; Rainbow Hope O'Smiley 76


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    All i got to say is Any given sunday cause the chiefs beat the broncos and i lost money.

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    the redskins won by 2 pts that is hardly 'dominating in every way possible' dallas was an onside kick going through sam hurd's hands of pulling out a win

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    I hear you dude...those sportscasters just "talk to be talking"

    Congrats to your Redskins:)

    Ohhhh & what is that one dude's problem????

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    You are not spelling the name right.

    The correct spelling is Washington "Racist". Why they call themselves that name is foolish. Who wants to be known as a Racist? I would be ashamed if I were a Racist or a Racist fan.

    In any case, that Washington team will lose more games than they will win for the rest of the season. It's okay; there's no need to be confused anymore. The answers are there for you.

    -----Edit deleted.

    --------When you open your mind, you will find the truth. Of course, you must want the truth first. I wish you all well.

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    No, it's just the NFC.

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