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Why is it that my opinions provoke so much anger in others?

In several occasions I get into a big argument with others who have varying opinions, and I'm normally in the minority and I feel that sometimes these arguments or opinions can escalate to violence.

People have said some mean things to my face when debating or arguing, and I can of feel like some of these individuals want to hurt me physically.

I try not to be a violent person, but I know that if anything ever turn to that I would have to defend myself.

But do you guys think that I should just stop talking and expressing my opinion for my safety?

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    YOu could ask people why they get so angry - it may not be the content of what you are saying but the process - how you are saying it- Feedback is always good> My rule of thumb is that if I get a consistent reaction from others it is something unusual in me - Doesn't necessarily make me wrong just there might be something I could do differently that would help grease the social wheels.

    It may be that people dont have the time or are defensive and you would need to find the way to allow for this if you still want to play.

    There are not hard and fast rules in communicating but people tend to have their own ideas about how and when to talk.

    I always have more success when I take responsibility and ask myself for instance what could have made it more peaceful?

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    Remember that what you and I find harmless banter, someone else might find extremely offensive. A great example that a lot of people can relate to is religion. I'm apathetic to the whole concept, and I find it extremely interesting to challenge religious people about their beliefs. But I do it tactfully, you don't tell them that they're wrong, simply that you have other opinions.

    In any debate, unless you know for certain and have supporting evidence that you are right, you must concede a bit of dignity to them, even if you think that they're idiotic.

    It's obviously not a harmless debate if others are getting extremely animated during them, so you should really re-evaluate your approach here. That's not to say that you shouldn't have your opinions, but just don't mention them if you know that they're going to set off a bomb inside the other person. It's really frustrating because you want to debate with them, but sometimes it's best to just shut up and let them wallow in their blissful ignorance.

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    Ha ha well stop when things might turn violent but I think its great that you actually have an opinion, unlike many people today who just take on the ideas of others and do as they are told. I think we need more people like you. Just don't be mean about your opinions and try to be more open- minded. I think its great that you don't conform to others ideas and opinions!! Keep it up!!

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    That depends...are you walking into a church and yelling God is evil...or are you discussing religion or politics with a friend. Some people just do not like debates, they feel they are right and they will not listen. However, there are very aggressive ways of debating that most people will not stand to listen to. Put yourself in their shoes, would you be mad if someone said the same things about your views?

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    you should never silence yourself because of others but it's important to be careful in the manner your stating your opinions. Some belief's are very sensitive to certain people so it's important to keep that in mind when broaching a subject. Also, you shouldn't be spending time with those who make you feel unsafe, there are plenty of people in the world who although may not agree with you at least respect your opinion. whatever you choose I wish you the best of luck.

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    What do they say, stay away from religion , politic, sex, and you should be fine.more or less stick to the weather may be gardening or cooking, though recipes could be a problem too. Learn as well to read the signs and withdraw in time but more than that, know who you are talking to

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    In order to give an appropriate answer I would probably have to know th e opinions. But in general, unless you trust a person not to judge you, just stay quite when it comes to controversial discussions.

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    It is probably the way in which you are expressing your opinions.

    I believe everyone is entitled to voice what they believe in, but if someone is rude or aggressive when voicing their opinion, or berates others for theirs, I find it annoying.

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    For me, anger and hate do not make a couple. I have hated a detailed main issue, in many instances. I have hated outcome, outcome and injustices. But I do not recollect hating any person, even a stranger. I am the youngest in my loved ones, so I am beautiful tolerant of being a scapegoat. Having an overly rapid-tempered and competitive elder sister has constantly been hurtful, however I quite love her now. She taught me many sour classes. The persons who initiate me to anger are constantly the persons I am closest to. Family participants, or near peers. However, it's typically a stranger who honestly is aware of who I am, however I haven't any suggestion who they're. That variety of assault is the toughest and so much unfair, on account that rather of being ready to shield your self and reply rationally, you've gotten the extra burden of fixing the challenge of "Who the hell used to be that and what used to be all of it approximately?" My opinion of such persons, whoever they're, is that they're unhappy. They are living unhappy, unsatisfied lives and perhaps have a bullying partner or superviser at paintings. So they take it out at the man or woman they take into account the underdog. (Meaning anyone who cannot shield themselves on account that they've no clue what's going on, aswell as anyone who's noticeable because the runt within the loved ones ... many meanings!) Quite mainly, it is not individual. I am simply the glass into which they are able to pour their frustration into. And I hate IT, however I do not hate them. Some want aid, a few want awareness and a few must pass and punch a boxing bag for an hour. I constantly forgive, however believe very dangerous approximately myself for a at the same time. I believe I take in their venom too with no trouble and must detox myself! That is while I begin punching MY boxing bag! I am an overly handy goal. But I live to tell the tale with out hating, and I attempt to see if there used to be whatever I wasn't mindful of doing that justified the assault. Sometimes there may be, so this can be a well lesson. Often there is not. The challenge is within the attacker's frame - hormonal or in any other case. I believe such persons want aid and are to be hugged. Silly eh? But I quite do. If anyone quite flips at me and will get violent, I have discovered that obtaining violent again at them, in self-defence, simply encourages them. I had been in such occasions; and it made me research a martial artwork to hinder myself getting bodily harm. But I have under no circumstances wanted to make use of it, on account that, by some means the artwork in the back of Martial Art is the best way to preclude bodily confrontations, at any time when viable, by means of making use of frame language and calm to floor all the ones violent atoms or molecules or some thing they're, that come flying at you. So now, I practice my teeth-clenching tactic. . I close up and take deep breaths. And grit my enamel to quit myself from pronouncing something! Whatever I say, blameless or now not, will probably be one more excuse to hit me, so I MUST preserve silent! If I believe not able to manage the main issue, I stroll away for an extended. brisk stroll. This is hated such a lot by means of my attacker, that mainly they arrive flying at me and take a look at to initiate me right into a bodily battle. I appear them within the eye after which at their palms gripping my neck or shoulders or anyplace, and I go away my hands striking loosely by means of my facet. It works at any time when. Walking away humbles them, and makes them see how badly they behave. Plus it offers you a massive expertise. It isn't the equal as strolling away. I am then unfastened to see my anger external, strolling or running rapidly. I come again feeling higher. Wow! Where did all that come from? Back for your query, in case you imply persons in this web site, as a substitute than persons you recognize to your day-to-day existence, then the ones persons are underneath you and you wish to have now not believe of them anymore! They are hate-mongers and bullies and why will have to you fear approximately their provocations? They handiest do it to get a upward thrust out of you, which makes them believe well figuring out it is going to make you believe dangerous! Sorry! I quite acquired into that! Good query!

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    Probably your opinions are hitting their conditioning.

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