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What free software lets you rip Audio from a CD-ROM to mp3 format?

I have several CD-ROMs that I want to rip the audio only into Mp3 so I can listen to the lectures/presentations on my ipod (instead of my laptop). Is there a free software that can do this? Okay, free and softwares that you pay for it.I really want these lectures in audio-only format. Thanks!

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    go to windows media player preferences

    when you inset a cd-rom you can save music using any format you pick

    RIP music format in mp3 in preferences or something like that

    Source(s): trust me i had the same question and thats how i found it so easy!
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    Windows Media Player

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    use domicile windows media participant. version 9 and above helps to transform audio cd to mp3. insert the audio cd and replica the suggestions in computing gadget and then pass to domicile windows media participant and (click replica cd - in case you do no longer replica first time) and then click convert and then replica the songs on your cd or dvd utilising nero application or another application.

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