How should I feel about her sexual past when it is constantly brought up by her and her friends?

Her sexual past is brought up pretty often while she is with her friends. Most things I don't mind but some things just eat away at me. I have informed her that talking about old encounters really bothers me because some of these encounters are things that I don't respect at all.

After I told her that these conversations really bothered me, I thought these conversations would stop while I was around or at least be slowed down. They did for a while but now they are back at full force.

Should I be disappointed at all with her past? I am not going to go into detail about what she has done but use your imagination and I am sure you could come up with something.

Past encounters with people who she was in a relationship with don't bother me at all. It is just those other ones...

I am well aware that the key word in this whole thing is past but I feel that constantly hearing about these past experiences seems to cheepen what we have together.

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    you just got to rock her world again mate , were talkin alot of tungue action ,, the trick is to act sliently confident around people have self confidents but don't brag about it

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    My dear friend I have been in this situation long time ago when I was wild and reckless and thought I had found the girl of my dreams I knew the girl and knew her past and as well it did not bother me, what ticked me off was the constant innuendo. we spoke about it and it to stoped for a while and then it started again she told me that if I could not handle it to leave and that's what I did because I knew it was going to come up from time to time and it was going to eat me away and do something that I might regret for the rest of my life in the end she was chasing me but she all ready open the door for me. few months later she was trying to convince me that she was trying to make me jealous well she did a good job of it. I did find the girl of my dreams and we have been happily married for sixteen years and when you have a fight for what ever reason I can not call her a slut or a beach because I have no reason to.You sound like a person with morals you can do better, trust me even in to-days society she is waiting for you.

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    I totally get it. I was with a girl that had quite a history. We started out as friends and as a friend, she told me things I wish I didn't know once we got together.

    Her talking about these things show a lack of respect for your feelings. She should also ask her friends to avoid bringing these things up. There are many other things that they can talk about.

    If you can't handle it, or if her level of respect for you doesn't improve, move on and find someone with a less colorful past.

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    1 decade ago

    What's wrong don't mind her past ,and don't you had a right thought to act infront of her and informing her what was so bad she had been?

    Nobody like that way to happen ,she may not likely to remember that at all. Or that she hadn't thinking of that and had been forget it already,

    past is just need to leave not to try to open again. It is just upsetn and

    I don't know the whole story,but i get it that some one may be so sad on what she remember whatever ,like you hide some thing so long and just like you didn't care what about what she don't wwnna remember.

    Just only you showin that's it,omg where have you been,now your here,

    i'll tell you some thing I don't respect, that actually in our past.I want to ignore my sorry and ever i have a guilt inside.I likely and wantly tell you to remember what is so bad in your past. Don't worry I don't mind what you may think and whatever what is you want to act about it. I want to tell you BAD your eyes to it know I felel ok now, let me hav a time out. howww cmmme is unclear..

    It's not right that dadadaa a what if that ahh her time heals allll her wounds to . .close n open ittttt

    om g and som bdy want to waaa matter wht is been not showin long timmme,likly waather might be more to breakthrough than that.

    split...pilts....spills...........!!!!!ksnkafjafjm AGH opeennf

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    1 decade ago

    I think you need to reinforce your feelings about this...if she doesnt stop then she is disrespecting shouldnt have to put up with that I wouldnt..if she keeps it up find someone new

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