Why do people hate George W. Bush?

What did he do? The people at school say they hate him because he sucks,their parent's hate him,or it what he didn't do. But, no one can give me a real answer! I understand he invade Iraq but, wasn't that because of 9/11. (Please no bringing up the "cover up") Can someone give me a real reason for why he need to be hated or why he need to be disliked?

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    Bush made many mistakes.

    And too many people don't know how to simply disagree with a person. They have to turn it into hatred.

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    Bush went against the will of the United Nations and dragged America and its allies into a wild goose chase against Osama Bin Laden. He brought us into a war that we CAN NOT win. President Bush acknowledges human rights violations and does nothing about this, thus violating agreements worldwide on how to treat prisoners. What happens if one day you're arrested in another country? They're no longer obliged to treat you humanely. Bush wire tapped. It is our constitutional right that he directly and intentionally violated. His people can now listen to any private phone call to grandma without a warrant. Bush is 100% anti gay and has quoted that he will VETO any ammendment to allow gay marriage in the united states. He is perceived as ignorant at home and worldwide.

    Bush didn't even know gs prices had gone up the way they did and are. I guess his people thought he was smart enough to figure that one out on his own.

    Now don't get me wrong, I just answered a question stating all the good bush has done for the world and out country, but there is also a great deal of bad which seems to outweigh any good.

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    My opinion is he happened to be acting president during a time when the interest of america was changing and Americans may need to catch up..

    One example is National Security.. Which is always the priority of a President.. Bush was acting president when the towers fell and americans naturally look to blaming a president for a wide range of issues.

    Its a big job...

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    Tax Cuts:

    Economic Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001:

    Reduced lowest tax rate for 15% to 10%, and the highest from 39.6% to 35%. Obliterated a $230 BILLION surplus and created a $413 BILLION deficit. A study by the Tax Policy Center found that low- and middle-income Americans, the bottom 60% of Americans only recieved 13.7% of the tax cuts.

    No Child Left Behind:

    By the end of President Bush's first term, complaints about the administrations failure to fund the Act were shelling the White House.

    Kyoto Protocol

    Set requirements for 38 industrialized nations to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. Bush pulled out of the treaty.

    With the rejection of the protocol and the decision to withdraw from the Anti Ballistic Missile Treaty, President Bush seemed to be leading the country on a road not traveled since after World War I, that of isolationism.

    Domestic Policies

    "This administration, in catering to industries that put America's health and natural heritage at risk, threatens to do more damage to our environmental protections than any other in U.S. history." - The National Resources Defense Council

    He accused Democrats of wanting to make Social Security a Federal program, even though it HAS been a federal program since it's inception under Roosevelt. (lol)

    I don't think I need to go into the War in Iraq.

    "George Bush dispenses with people who confront him with inconvenient facts. He truly believes he's on a mission from God. Absolute faith like that overwhelms a need for analysis. The whole thing about faith is to believe things for which there is no empirical evidence, but you can't run the world on faith." - Bruce Bartlett, domestic policy advisor to Ronald Reagan

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    His management style is basically "Im not going to listen to anyone who doesnt already agree with me"

    He is also believed to be uneducated, and not smart enough to effectively lead or represent our country abroad.

    The health of the country has suffered under his leadership. Some of that is probably not his fault (because 9/11 happened when he was President, and it led to domino effect of problems)

    But Americans blame him for not having better vision to stop the domino effect. He hasnt led us out of problems such as the war, economy, social security, healthcare.

    This "cowboy swagger" management style, coupled with the poor health of the country, and his uneducated way of speaking makes him look like an over-confident idiot.

    His policies and general beliefs are very conservative (pro-life, anti-gay-rights, pro-gun, for tax cuts for the rich, anti-regulation, for war in Iraq) This is why Democrats dislike him.

    Republicans also dislike him because he didnt control government spending, and increased our national debt significantly. This goes against the core Republican belief of low-spending.

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    there has been very little good come over this country. From going into billions and billions of dollars in debt, rising gas prices, dropout rates going up, crime rate going up, participating in two wars (the longest ever), and now in a financial crisis(which will only lead to nothing but more turmoil).

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    Bush did the ultimate sin. He retaliated for the attacks of 9/11.

    First he attacked Afghanistan and what most people don't realize is that terrorists don't represent ONE country.

    So, Saddam Hussein starts rattling his saber saying, "I'm going to attack the USA if Bush does not withdraw from Afghanistan." It was rumored that Saddam was working towards plutonium enrichment via his nuclear power plant.

    Bush said, "Do we wait to see if they are true when we know he's used all sorts of chemical warfare on his own people? or do we get him out of power?"

    It's similar to Hitler. America and England waited until Hitler took all of Europe before we acted. We waited until Japan attacked us. Then we declared war on Japan and it's allies. Japan joined Germany and Italy. However, this posturing this allowed Hitler to murder several million Jews and others who were deemed unworthy of life.

    Do you wait? Do you go forward and attack before he has a chance to get his "war machine" rolling? Bush decided to go forward. Hussein had something that Hitler did not. Nuclear weapons. (or so faulty intelligence lead them to believe) We knew he had biological weapons.

    Anyway, liberals hate war of any kind. Especially if Republicans are involved. It's never necessary for war. Because we are the EVIL nation in their mind.

    You should embrace peace at all costs. Let whomever kill at will as long as I can get my Starbucks double latte and listen to my iPod and perform all sort of perversion. Then all is right with the world.

    What? Our enemies are trying to make us suffer by cutting off the oil supply... Well, that no good sorry Bush, it's all his fault. He shouldn't have done anything in Afghanistan or Iraq. How dare he protect us!

    The Starbucks near my house closed because the gas prices got too high and people were having to pay more for gas.

    There is no good reason for his being hated. He's kept America safe.

    Too many Americans have this notion that they can reason with terrorists. Obviously, they wouldn't kill us if they would get to know us.

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    The dude is surrounded by corruption from his own people, he wrongfully started the war in Iraq and not once has he apologized, he has changed policies to suit his religious views, he substantially increased the deficit, etc.

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    Because the dumb Azz got us into a war and we should have never invaded Iraq, We have lost over 4,000 men in women in a senseless war. We invaded the wrong country because of his stupidity.

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    President Bush is the fall guy for the failing economy even though things didn't head South until after Democrats took control of Congress in 2006.

    We didn't invade Iraq because of 9/11. It was time for Saddam to go.

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    In 2000 his party prevented 50,000 black voters in Florida from voting by putting their names on lists of people who were dead and therefore ineligible to vote even though they were very much alive. As a result, he won Florida and it's 27 electoral votes which gave him enough to win the election. Had those black voters been able to vote, they would have overwhelmingly voted for Gore and Bush would never have been president. This was reported in Europe at the time which was why the French initially didn't want to recognise GWB as a legitimate leader and why when he started lying about Iraq in 2003, the French and other countries didn't want to support the USA.

    On September 11, 2001 when told about the attacks on the Twin Towers, President Bush sat frozen like a deer in headlights for seven minutes. He stared blankly and didn't move for seven minutes while his fellow Americans were dying. This is indisputable as it is on tape. At heart, this man is a coward.

    Following 9/11 he promised the city of New York $20 Billion in aid to help rebuild that city. That money has yet to be delivered. Only the brilliance of NYC Mayor Michael Bloomburg kept that great city from going to pieces.

    In 2003 he and Cheney repeatedly lied about Saddam Hussein's connection to 9/11, his access to nuclear weapons and his threat to America. It has long since been proven that Iraq and Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11 and anyone with a SHREAD of common sense knows that Saddam Hussein was no threat to America. As a result of this war, Osama bin Laden is still alive, Al-Qaida is stronger than they were on 9/11/01 and we as a nation are LESS safe because of the actions of the Bush Administration.

    Economically, he's destroyed America. At no other time in world history has a nation gone to war AND lowered taxes. The reason is because it's STUPID. You need money to wage war - hello?? Yet that's what he did. Not only that, he borrowed all the money from CHINA. The companies that made the weapons for this war have all gotten very rich. They are companies with close ties to DICK Cheney and George Bush, they made their friends very wealthy. Your grandchildren with be paying for it. He also stripped away any regulatory checks on Wall Street which allowed corrupt bankers and investors to virtually steal from the American people.

    In the Fall of 2005, Hurricane Katrina absolutely destroyed New Orleans, Louisiana and large parts of the rest of that state as well as Mississippi. George Bush did very little to help any of those people and because of his mismanagement and utter incompetence as a leader and administrator, our federal government was unable to do what was required of them in assisting our fellow Americans in need at a time of serious emergency.

    He has been a disgrace to the White House, his party and these great United States.

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