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humpy-head fish why has it lost all its colour and how can i treat this?

can any one please tell me why my humpy head fish has lost all its colour and is not eating' seems like he lost all his colour over one night

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    you going to have to be more specific than "humpy-head fish"

    it could be completely natural it could be on the verge of death.. we can't know with the provided info

    the rapid color change is signaling a bad thing.. but unless we know 1) what fish it is and 2) what conditions it's being kept in.. we can't help

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    Humpy-head fish?

    Most likely a cichlid, I'd say. try finding any signs of disease like white spot, slime, velvet, fungus of fish lice that may be bothering it. Otherwise, put in some colour-enhancing food and see if the situation changes. Check the expiry date of your fish food, maybe get a new tin. My fish refused to eat stale fish food even before the expiry date.

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    humpy head? is that the luo han in chinese or known in other asian country asian country as flowerhorn? if thats it then i think you fish adopted the color of your soroundings and if your fish does not eat, let me ask you, what food do you feed him for the pasty days? is it fresh? pellets? if the fish is used in pellets its just easy for him to eat fresh food but if your fish is used in fresh food then its very hard for your fish to adjust in floating pellet again. thats my problem right now on my floer horn.. i just told you what my friend told me..

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    Ask someone who works at a pet store they might know and could sell you medicine for your fish. thats what i do when my fish do weird things...

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