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how has federalism changed from 1790 to present 10 POINTS FOR FIRST RIGHT ANSWER?

could i have more then one or two examples please. im reall stuck.

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    States had more rights back then.

    It was more like States were individual countries that were pulled together by trade (which is why the entire south seceded).

    When the Revolutionary War occured, most Southern states had little to gain because the Redcoats were all in New England and the Northern States.

    It took a rally of brotherhood to bring them together, as opposed to a draft- which would be considered more directly federalist.

    Nowadays, it's the other way around.

    True, States still have their boarders and pass their own legislation- but Federal law was almost nonexistent back then; and today, it super cedes almost everything that's state governed.

    Huge example- Federal Income Tax; no matter what the States you live in say, all people living in any of the 50 States have no choice but to pay up. This was unheard of back then; in a time when States were the final power and they'd just shrug off what the Federal government would say, if they didn't agree (that's why the Civil War happened).

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