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injury during football practice?

I think I got injured during football practice and I didn't go to the doctors or trainers since I thought it was nothing but my scapula(shoulder blade) and my lower rib section's been hurting every time I stretched or move. Please tell me if it's something I should check out or just leave it.

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    probably a pulled muscle- go to the trainer. possibly a cracked scapula-ask the trainer then go to the doctor.

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    it was an injury during practice, so the school will pay for the medical. if it's older than 3 days, heat it up, take hot baths, and stretch quite a few times a day, and try some bengay to loosen the muscles.

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    Never leave pain untreated, this separates a smart football player from a dumb one, a long career, versus a short.

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    Never ignore pain.

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    check it out

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    come to me

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