help pls...i have 6,000 very important emails and i dont know how to save them or back them up..pls help?

i have over 6,000 important emails that i dont know how to back up or save on yahoo, pls help

1 Answer

  • 4 years ago

    the full premise of christianity replace into to allure to people remote from emperor worship, and salvation from unique sin is the carrot on the stick. while it became a capacity of social administration and now no longer purely a revolt circulation, it needed extra incentive to allure to interior the hundreds, so it became smitten by sin. this is a trend of breaking the people's spirit purely as much as breaking a wild horse or a slave. i don't have faith in sin as a theological concept. the thought we are fallen and want a god to rescue us is counter-efficient to religious enlightenment, and attracts the concentration of religion off the real purpose.

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