A question for Christians about good and evil....?

Many, not all, Christians, I would guess, believe that there is a clear distinction between good and evil. What do you believe is the difference between good and evil? Why?

Also, would you be able to understand that there is no difference between good and evil, but only what you have been told to believe by others who claim to be "right"?

Yes, sorry, I know, this will require you to use your brain, so dust it off some.


Thank God at least one person was smart enough to understand. You would first have to define good and evil. Good is simply the lack or opposite of evil, whereas, evil is simply the lack or opposite of good. Good and evil can not exist independently. Thus, something is only evil, BECAUSE something else is good, and visa versa.

This being said, what is good is based only on perception, education and experience. We are not born with a sense of the difference between the two. We are TOLD what to believe is "good" or "evil".

I do believe that their are goods and evils in the world. But, is is what I believe to be so, thus what I believe is "good" my neighbor may believe is "evil". Example: how do you explain how Adolf Hitler got away with the evils he did? Because SOME people, but not most, thought he was "good".

Again it comes down to what you have been indoctrinated to believe. Thanks for answering.

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    Human perception of what constitutes good and evil is, by necessity, highly subjective. Although I believe that humans who are in command of their critical faculties (i.e., relatively sane) either instinctively or through learned behavior know the difference between right and wrong, there are many occasions where the distinctions can be quite blurred. How do you explain, for example, the Inquisition, the Holy Crusades, the witch burnings, or the Holocaust? These heinous acts were NOT heinous to the people who were carrying the banner of their god and god-man - they actually believed that what they were doing was good, not evil. Or the Communist purges in Cambodia, China, and the Soviet Union, where its leaders and many of their followers actually believed that what they were doing was right and good, for the "greater good" of their countries?

    Unfortunately, people who are "normally" good people - as we understand "normal" and "good" - are fully capable of the most atrocious and inhumane acts against their fellow humans, if their gullibility, delusions, and illusions are manipulated and exploited by "evil" but charismatic men and women whose messages resonate with their own feelings, beliefs, and convictions.

    It ain't just a Christian thing. It's the human condition.

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    The difference between good and evil is perception. Without the contrast or extreme opposition, there would be no way to even comprehend that there is a middle ground to be achieved.

    Whether you call something good or evil or ying and yang; there will always be a name place on them to distinguish one from the other.

    Without these perceptions, there would be anarchy.

    From your logic, you act as though humans never came up with the concepts of good and evil. I believe we would have to know or assign the differences for the concept to arise in the first place. (see above). edit (see my above paragraph)

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    Not each person who say's that they're a Christian, particularly needs to be a Christian. They have have every other intent for announcing so, and this was once mentioned to occur (two Timothy four:three-four). As good, there are such a lot of Christian companies available in the market, and if they are are say's specific matters, just one can also be correct. If you pray and seek out if what folks are announcing, then God via his son Jesus Christ will lead you to his actual folks (Acts 17:27, Acts 15:14). two Timothy four:three-four For there will probably be a interval of time while they'll no longer submit with the healthy instructing, however, in accord with their possess wishes, they'll acquire lecturers for themselves to have their ears tickled; and they'll flip their ears clear of the reality, while they'll be grew to become apart to fake experiences. Acts 17:27 for them to search God, in the event that they would grope for him and particularly discover him, even though, actually, he isn't a long way off from every considered one of us. Acts 15:14 Sym?eon has similar totally how God for the primary time grew to become his concentration to the countries to take out of them a folks for his identify. Regarding the scripture Acts 15:14, are you aware what Gods identify is? (Exodus 6:three, Psalms eighty three:18 King James variation)

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    What do you believe is the difference between good and evil? Why?

    Wouldn't we first have to define good and evil?

    Who's definitions should we use?

    Good would have to be perfect because less than good by definition would be evil correct?

    I would follow the only righteous rule of good and evil we have and that would be the law of God.

    Under these laws all have sinned and all have inherited death.

    God is the only good and all men have inherited death.

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    You might want to dust off your own brain, and realize that this question might be addressed to anyone who believes in good and evil.

    And yes, there is evil. Ask any parent whose child was tortured and murdered, for instance. Could even you, with your obviously great intellect (sarcasm) stay neutral? Could you if it was YOUR child? I think not. Then you would know beyond a doubt that some acts are indeed evil.

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    Good is something that doesn't hurt you or others and makes you and them happy, Evil is when something does hurt you or others and makes you and them sad.

    It very simple if someone gave you flowers, you could hardly say that was evil, the gesture would make you happy. But if someone stuck there middle finger at you, you would be annoyed or angry and that act would be evil.

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    Sorry, I am not Christian, but this quotation (which used to be my signature for quite some time) is amongst my all time favorites:

    "If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?"

    -- Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, _Gulag_Archipelago_

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    I will ignore that last childish jibe and answer your question in an intelligent manner.

    God originally made everything that there is and called it all very good (Gen. 2). He seemed quite pleased with it. That said, everything has a place and purpose for which it was made and in that capacity, it is perfectly good. When man gets things out of place, they become evil. It may surprise you that this definition of evil is also found in the writings of Lyall Watson, a secular scientist who wrote a book called Dark Nature. I personally like to use the example of fire since it is very easy for anyone to understand. Fire in our stove cooks our food, and that is good and life giving. In the heater, it keeps us warm and in the engine, it moves our car. As long as it is in it's place, it is a good force that man needs to maintain his modern world. However, if you let fire get on you, it is now out of place and turns very evil very quickly. It is now a force of only pain and destruction, life threatening and materialistically costly. Do you see the difference?

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    So the Nazis were morally right to send folks off to the concentration camps? They apparently just overcame their conditioning. Now, if there is no clear distinction between good and evil, then there is no philosophical justification for condemning Nazis, slavery, rape, or any other moral evil.

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    what i define as good and evil, right or wrong, cake or pie....? anyway...

    good and evil are strong words. The only things I define as good is Jesus and God. The only things I define as evil are the Devil and brocoli... its disgusting

    its not what you define as good and evil but what you see in the moment of its happening

    You can look at a person as a good person helping a child...then the next moment as evil when he takes the child into a van or something...

    So..he is evil...but was once good....wait....wtf??? exactly...nothing can be truly seen as good or evil...not even God because some see him as evil and not the devil because some see him as good

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