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How the heck am I logged into someone else's Photobucket account?

I'm a member of Photobucket, and today I went to the site to upload some pictures. Usually when I go there I have to go through the entire log-in process. But for some odd reason, today it said "Welcome (a different user's name)" and I am in her account! My computer has stayed in my room for the past week and NO ONE besides me has had access to it. How is it possible that I'm signed into this stranger's account? Could it just be some sort of weird fluke? Is it worth contacting Photobucket about?

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    I won't bore you with all of the details, but either there was a login error on Photobucket's end or ( highly unlikely ) your machine is infected with a trojan that's brute forcing random Photobucket accounts that you encountered from visiting the website.

    I would lean towards a login system error...

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    Just log out.

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