What to wear at a group interview for a dvd/music store?

I'm pretty sure a lot of you have heard of HMV or Sanity ( I have a group interview coming up in 2 days for a Christmas position. I am not sure what I should wear.

They say "Sanity/Virgin/HMV team members are required to wear professional business attire at all times. Professional presentation is equally as important at an interview and candidates should present themselves appropriately. "

Should I wear the typical black and white?

I am 18 years of age if it helps.

Thanks :)

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    You should wear a business suit that has a jacket and pants or a skirt, in standard black or grey. Wear an clean, ironed shirt underneath. Don't wear highly embellished shoes, jewelry or purses. I know...It's boring! (I still think that at 33!)

    I have worked in a lot of different occupations and now own my own business. I worked years ago as an assistant to Human Resources for Burlington Coat Factory and Wal-Mart at different times. I was told by both companies that if someone came in and applied and was inappropriately dressed, asked for a pen, etc. that we were to throw the application out right then and there. If they came in dressed, polite, and eager, we were to make notes on the application. These were always the people who got hired because they showed initiative and a willingness to be prepared in all aspects. I was never identified directly as having contacts to human resources and spent a lot of time on the floor in the areas where people tended to apply. Basically, you never know who you are going to come into contact with when you come and apply.

    Thankfully, my days of doing that are OVER and I own my own business now. I work out of my home and dress extremely casual while I am on the phone and doing paperwork. I have had people come to interviews in clothes as casual as mine and I have not hired them. When I meet with clients, I'm all business, in a suit (which I hate to wear) because it's what is expected of me.

    Also one other note...My fiance's brother went to a job interview for Pacific Life (where my fiance also works and a HUGE company). He technically had a job ON THE TABLE making $75K a year to start at 22 years old and lost it because of being underdressed!

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    funny enough i attended a group interview for a music position last week!

    i wore jeans, nice pointed toe shoes, a band tshirt!, and a cardigan over the top.

    mainly to show that i was actually interested in the area i would be working (by wearing the band shirt), but by making myself still look clean and presentable.

    it worked for me as i got a call on friday that i got the job!

    hope that helps.

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