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How do I emphasize this fact to a university?

i am giving up a full scholoarship to go there because that is how much i believe in what they have to offer.

how can i state this and can it help me?

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    I would tell them that, but unfortunately it probably won't do any good. It happened to a friend of mine. She turned down a full ride, and ended up paying full tuition where she went.

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    State it directly, as you've done here. But don't overdo it as though you're desperately trying to make that sacrifice stand in for academic qualifications. Just make it clear and let it go.

    It'll only be one small factor in their decision, most likely, but it won't hurt. The good part is that, since you were rewarded a scholarship, you're probably doing pretty well academically. So you'll be in a good position regardless of how they react to the scholarship.

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