What can I do to keep my battery from dying due to my in dash dvd player?

I had to connect the red and yellow wires. I know it keeps the unit on, but it will not turn on otherwise. I dont know what to do to have the unit save my presets and stations, but have it power down when the car is off. One of my buds told me to wire the red wires along with my headlamps so I can switch it off. Any help is great. Thanks!

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    A little more information in these particular situations are incredibly helpful, such as make, model, and year of vehicle.

    What you really need to do is probe around the electrical system until you find a wire that supplies 12V only while the car is in the run (and on some cars, accessory) position. At this point, connect that particular wire to the RED wire on the aftermarket stereo and the yellow to constant power.

    Another thing you could do, if you can't find the "switched" wire, is simply wire a switch in-line with the red wire. This way when you exit the vehicle you have to option to leave the radio on with the car running or not. Basically its the "lazy power button". Instead of having to push and hold the power button (in most cases) all you have to do is flip a switch and it will perform the same action as turning off the car with the red wire connected to a switched source. All presets will be saved, time will not reset, etc . . .

    Good luck, if you need wiring suggestions shoot me an e-mail and make sure you include make, model, and year of the vehicle.

    Source(s): MECP (Mobile Electronics Certified Professional)
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    The reason it might not come on is that you are connecting it to the wrong wire..... you need to be connected to a "switched" hot wire (+12Volts) and a good solid "Ground". HOT when the KEY is ON only.

    Your connection will indeed run down your battery...or at least cause your cars recharging system to really work hard to "recharge" your battery..... this will lead to early failure of some component of your charging system.

    Try this site for some tips... http://www.ehow.com/how_5829_wire-car-stereo.html?...

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