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Can anyone help me with statistics multiple choice questions please?

21. Which of the following conditions must be met to conduct a test for the difference in two sample means? A) Data must be at least of interval scale B) Populations must be normal C) Variances in the two populations must be equal D) All the above are correct E) None of the above are correct

22. When is it appropriate to use the paired difference t-test? A) Four samples are compared at once

B) Any two samples are compared ) Two independent samples are compared Two dependent samples are compared

23. Using two independent samples, two population means are compared to determine if a difference exists. The number in the first sample is fifteen and the number in the second sample is twelve. How many degrees of freedom are associated with the critical value? A) 24 B) 25 C) 26 D) 27

24. Administering the same test to a group of 15 students and a second group of 15 students to see which group scores higher is an example of A) a one sample test of means. B) a two sample test of means.

C) a paired t-test. ) a test of proportions.

25. What is the critical value for a one-tailed hypothesis test in which a null hypothesis is tested at the 5% level of significance based on two samples, both sample sizes are 13? A) 1.708 B) 1.711 C) 2.060

26. What is the null hypothesis? A) B) C) D)

27. What is the alternate hypothesis? A) B) C) D)

28. What are the degrees of freedom? A) 4 B) 5 C) 15 D) 10 E) 9

29. If you use the 5% level of significance, what is the critical t value? A) +2.132 B) 2.776 C) .262 D) 2.228

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    You'll need to post more info instead of just the questions.

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