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Husband & I r planning to visit London (9hr trip from Dubai) for 5 days w/ our 9mo old. Is it advisable?

or is it better to wait when the baby is older to appreciate new places? Will we have a real 'vacation'?

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    I would suggest contact the hotel that you are plannng to stay at and see if they can recommend someone to babysit the 9 mo. (S)he will not be wanting to go to all of the places that you want to go to. You can take them some of the time, but you will soon grow tired of having the baby to take care of.....also, the evenings the child will want to sleep when you want to go out.

    If you can get by this, then you should be ok.

    Suggestion for flying. Make sure you have something to drink for the child when you are taking off and landing. THe change of altitude is hard for a child of that age to accomodate. They do not know that if you swallow, you will pressurize yourself. A bottle will make the child keep swallowing. Wait until the plane is just ready to take off and then do this....then redo about 15 minutes before landing. It will make life much easier for you.

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    Only a school going child would be able to appreciate new places.

    A 9 month old would not know where he or she is being taken.

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