Is NH3 the same as NH3OH?

I have an equation which works with NH3OH but I'm given an aqueous substance which has NH3 in it (Zn(NH3)4 2+). Can i rewrite my substance as Zn(NH3OH)4 2+ or does that change what it is OR do i have to show that the ammonia reacts with water to make NH3OH and then binds with the Zn 2+ etc. thanks for the help.

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    NH3 in water is in the form of NH4OH or NH4+ and OH-

    For your case use NH3

    I think I follow the problem..

    Zn2+ + 1 drop NH3 produces a white gelatinous precipitate

    then upon adding more base, the precipitate dissolves

    the ammonia is NH3 + H2O = NH4OH

    For the first drop of NH3, this is what happens:

    Zn2+ + NH4OH = Zn(OH)2 (s) + NH4+

    upon adding excess NH3, NH3 reacts itself

    Zn(OH)2 + 4NH3 = Zn(NH3)4 2+ (aq) + 2OH- OR

    Zn2+ + 4NH3 = Zn(NH3)4 2+ (aq)

    The NH3 produces a coordination complex with Zn2+

    Zn(NH3)4 2+ = tetraammine zinc (II)

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    No. NH3 is ammonia gas. Dissolved in water, it makes ammonium hydroxide, NH4OH. Since NH4 is positively charged, I would not expect it to associate with zinc, which would also be positively charged.

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