question for the gay community?

Do you have a straight/bi curious male friend that's generally good looking and girls go crazy over him....and he very promiscuous talking with several girls at once/in a row?

Well I do, and I just don't like the way he do the girls he talks with. He plays with girls emotions....they think they have something special when hes talking to one at a time, and not knowing he talks with alot of girls (not just them). So I told him that I think its not right what he do and the way he do things, and he told me:

*RoYaL B 114 (11:51:17 PM): ok you need to look between your legs and stop acting liek a girl

*RoYaL B 114 (11:51:19 PM): your a guy

*RoYaL B 114 (11:51:22 PM): act like one

So in other words since I'm a guy I supposed to agree with everything he does..or else I'm acting like a female...but he must forgot that I'm bisexual and date guys just like should I respond back to him...what things should I say....and please DO NOT answer my question if not positive..Thanks!


Okay now why am I an idiot.....I just don't like the comments people say...and like you have to be a certain way to be a guy..

Update 2:

OKAY the reason I asked this question is because the boy think I hahve to be on his side 24?7 when it comes to females and what not since I'm a guy as well!

Update 3:

*RoYaL B 114 (12:14:05 AM): im a guy

*RoYaL B 114 (12:14:20 AM): and you shoudl be on my side and not gettin insulted when i toalk to girls

*RoYaL B 114 (12:14:29 AM): just dont worry yourself about it

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    1 decade ago
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    So his idea of male = macho, pu**y obsessed pig? And no matter your sexuality, you have to agree or you're not "man enough" for him? Awesome! He sounds like an absolute chauvinistic SOB that need not have you thinking like him. Tell him you do not measure your masculinity by how he views you and if he needs to look any of those words up, you'll be glad to give him a dictionary!

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    It has nothing to do with "being a man". He seems like the kind of guy who thinks it's OK to use whatever tactics to get women. You, on the other hand, seem like you have some values and respect for women. I would disregard any comments he makes about you "acting like a woman". I think you're more of an honorable person because you have respect for other people. He just wants to lash back at you for not supporting his rather questionable behavior. But women need to wake up and be a little smarter and not fall for the BS that guys like him lay out.

  • 1 decade ago

    Dude...go out and get yourself a new friend. This is exactly the kind of @$$h0le who wants someone to bail him out, when he juggles girls like balls (to drain his own) until one of them winds up knocked up, and suddenly he has no idea what to do about it, or simply laughs it off and says "That little brat's not MINE." If that's the way he defines what it means to be a man, then you definitely should look elsewhere for a friend, let alone a role model.

  • Sam
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    1 decade ago

    I have a chick friend like that, but instead of acting like she KNOWS she's doing it, she pretends she doesn't. That's the difference between girls and guys in that area.

    But yeah, just ignore him and his ManWhore ways.

    And if he asks you to be on his side, just tell him you would rather not act like a jerk in front of girls because you're trying to get laid. Simple.


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  • 1 decade ago

    sounds to me like he is a player and you are a true person in the way you feel so if he cant be supportive of the things you feel then tell him to bug off and you just be who you are

    good luck

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