When you get right down too it are the emotions you feel a choice?

Like choosing to be angry.

Choosing to care.

Choosing to be sad.

Arent our emotions all a choice?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hmm...in a sense, yes and no.

    I figure, each scenario creates a different state of emotion for each person, although it shouldn't be a broad range. Example: Person 1 holds the door open for Person 2 and Person 3. Both Person 2 and Person 3 receive a positive feeling by this. Person 2 remains happy, rethinking the situation. Person 3 was instantaneously bubbly and then goes on about the day thinking about other things.

    So Person 2 and Person 3 don't have a choice in the sense that the situation brought them a happy feeling and this would apply if the example was a situation where Person 2 and Person 3 became angry by an event. Then Person 2 lingers on the thought and stays in that state of emotion. Since this was a happy example, they stayed happy probably because any and all events that followed did not affect their mood because they stayed concentrated on this scenario, possibly playing it over and over again in their head. But if this example gave them a negative experience, they'd be angry for that period of time instead of happy. So Person 2 would hang onto this feeling of anger/annoyance. That would be by choice. Person 3 moves on without much thought regardless to whether the event made them happy or angry (or any other range of emotion). Then this is their choice.

    I think it just has to do with who you are - how greatly situations beyond your control affect you and how repetition or out-of-the-ordinary events passes through the brain.

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    1 decade ago

    wonderful question.

    i think that emotions can not be controlled immediately. how we react to something is not under our immediate control. we can only control how we feel about it.....over the long term.

    but even that is not under our control all that much. its our subconscious at work.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes I believe this is true.

    We have to learn to control our emotions or they will control us.

  • 1 decade ago

    they are partly a choice and partly they are directly biological...sometimes you are startled or scared or angry before your thinking brain can figure out what is going on...

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