Thinking about getting a tattoo but my...?

stomach has recently gotten a lot weaker. I used to donate blood every chance I could, and shots and blood work at the doctor's wouldn't bother me. The last time I gave blood, i threw up. And whenever I think of needles, i get nausea. I really want a tattoo that says 'family' in Cherokee (Indian), since that's what my father's ancestors were, and I treasure my family. I'm not really nervous about the tattoo itself, but more nervous on my reaction to the needle constantly poking me. Anyone have any kind of input? Where's the best discreet place to put it (shoulder blade, ankle? no privates =/) Do you think I should go through with it? I know I should take Advil or something before hand, would you advice taking something for an uneasy stomach?

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    I'm not the biggest fan of needles and when I have had blood drawn it has made me nauseated as well, but tattooing is not the same. With them using a gun, you don't actually see the needle(s) and I can watch the gun going across my skin and it doesn't effect me even slightly. They don't go very deep into the skin so you really don't feel it the same way as you do when getting a shot or having blood drawn. It really is more of a scratching. As far as a discreet place that depends on you and how much, if ever, you want to show it. A good place for people that don't like needles would be the back for the fact of then you won't get a chance to watch it while it's being done. Don't take anything that will possible thin your blood though, it will just make you bleed more and will make the whole process take longer. Good luck!

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    In my experiences, getting a tattoo has the same sensation as someone with long fingernails scratching your skin. Some places hurt alot more then others, but it's more like a stinging sensation.

    If you do get your tattoo, maybe over your heart? But, I've never been tattooed in that spot, so I'm not sure on the pain factor with that one.

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    first of all, u can't actually see the needle in the tattoo gun cuz they're so small and move so fast.

    second of all, u're prolly not eating enough before giving blood which makes ur body weak.

    so if u want a tattoo, just have a good meal and go get it, i'm sure u wont have any problems

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    usually approximately my remembrance of a adored one. an emblem that might imply alot, or a toe ring tatto or a make-up tattoo, like a everlasting eyeliner, dont need to purchase eyeliners anymore lol

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    the best advice i can give you is don't look while they do it. don't watch them load the needle or anything. just, sit down and breathe.

    i got my husband's initials on my thigh three days ago, i just laid there and focused on his face, not the needle or the tattoo.

    Source(s): four tattoos. more to come.
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    Pray to your fathers ancestors . If you

    believe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> One day

    your prayers will be answered !!!!!

    Blood and needles are not your fear.

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    Just don't look when their doing it, and bring

    a friend and talk while their doing it to not think of it as much.

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