Is this a sign that they don't want to be friends anymore?

Everytime my friend and I talk through the phone, I ask him questions but he responds sarcastically or with "short" answers. Even when I text him. he's changed this past month. He doesn't call me anymore either. At first he was the one always calling me and wanting to hang out, now he doesn't even call me. He is like a bro and we do not like each other though, we've known each other for 7 years.

if I stop calling him do you think he will start calling me then?? How long should I wait till I figure it out that we are not friends anymore?? a month??

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    Before jumping the gun and assuming that the friendship is over, why not talk to him (face to face... no phone.. no texting). There are other reasons that could be causing his behaviour. You may be right, he may be wanting to cool the friendship. But he also may be having a stressful time in his life that he is focusing his attention on. Or perhaps he may feel that you are not giving him enough space (which means the friendship isn't over... it just needs a bit a breathing room).

    If you stop talking to him, then he may start making assumptions about you (like perhaps you want the friendship to end). So, since neither of you are psychic (I assume), then the only way to truly know is to ask him. Do it in a way that is not accusing. Instead of saying "you make me feel..." say, "I feel like such-and-such when I feel like I am calling you too much" (this was just an example, I have no idea what you are feeling and over what). In that way he will be more open to communicate.

    If he's a friend, he will tell you what you need to know. If he doesn't, you may have to consider that the friend you had was more in your mind than the real person.

    Good luck.

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    Maybe he is going through something right now, and it's hard for him to express how he feels - at least via text of the phone. Try and not assume right away that the friendship is over and speak to him in person and ask him what's up and what's going on - if he wants to talk about it? You have to also remember that as time progresses and we get older people change, the people we hang out with change, our likes and dislikes change - there is a whole lot of change that happens!! And with that friends come and go, not to say that your friendship is completely out of the door but if it means a lot to you (which it clearly does because you are concerned about it) approach him and let him know how you feel - with that would come some clarity in the situation and you might actually be surprised what answer he might give you!

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    nope he definitely hates you

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