Calling all math experts:)?

just checking my daughters homework and i was never to good with fractions...

This is solving for the variable:

1/3 x = 2

the next problem:

1/5 n =1

the next problem:

-48x(/ over)12

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    Ok ill clarify this

    you are trying to get x to be by itself on one side of the equation.


    fist step multiply by 3 on both sides to rid the (1/3) from the left side of the equation


    you end up with


    2. next question

    same process multiply by 5 this time



    ok in not sure if you left something out but ill do it with what I have given

    ill take it that this is your equation


    Same process multiply both sides by the reciprocal


    you get


    divide by -1

    u get x=0

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    Your overall goal is to get the variable alone, and you can do anything to an equation as long as you do it to both sides.

    So in the first equation you have

    1/3 * x = 2 so if you divide both sides by 1/3 then you have x alone

    x = 2 / 1/3 you're the mom so you can whip out a calculator to check the work, but they should know that if you are dividing by a fraction it is the same as multiplying by the fraction upside-down

    x = 2 * 3/1 and 3/1 is really just 3

    x = 2*3

    x = 6

    1/5 * n =1

    n = 1 / 1/5

    n = 1*5

    n = 5

    This one is different - it is not an equation. I assume you just have to simplify

    (-48x) / 12

    find the lowest denominator (the biggest number that will go into 48 and 12 with no remainder...which is 12)

    divide top and bottom by that



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    1) x=2*3/1=6

    2) n=1*5/1=5

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