Does Indian caste system reflect racism? ?

Pliz give strong arguments... and tell what can be the remedy?

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    1 decade ago
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    It reflects casteism. Brahmins hate the Kshatriyas who in turn look down upon the Shudras. But one must understand that caste is decided by birth, as became the norm since the Later Vedic Age and does anyone have the power to decide the caste he would take birth in? Its high time that we Indians forget all these barriers of caste,creed and religion as we have shed enough blood over these. Man creates these differences, love and friendship remove them. We all came alone and we would go alone, to Heaven if we are virtuous enough. There is no Brahmin, no Shudra, no Hindu, no Mussalman in Heaven. To me Ishwar,Allah and God are the names of the same Entity. And though I am a Hindu I visit the Ajmer Sheriff every year. I think that the young generation should try to do something.

    But racism exists in India, they are throwing out all the non marathis from Mumbai and that is racism. And India's obsession with fairness is nothing new.

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    nicely authentic Indians have been allways dark Skinned. Even the sunshine skinned ones, in assessment to a european individual ( no longer which contain a Russian ) grew to become into seen dark coloration. Yup you need to be Indian, black, Hispanic ( Latino ), or some thing else that grew to become into the slightest dark and nonetheless get lynched. It grew to become into part of Europeans way of planting the flag interior the middle east section. whether India is it somewhat is very own contenent.

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    Classicism, but you could also add in your paper that most Indians of the ruling class have fair skin.

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    1 decade ago

    No it reflects classism which is much older than racism.

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    1 decade ago

    im punajbi and we classify our own people punjabi people but most sikhs do not believe in castes

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