I made out with a girl about 1 year ago than she freaked out and said she wasnt a lesbian...?

i am a bisexual girl and I made out with a girl about a year or more ago maybe even 2 years ago and i really liked her but she kinda freaked out and said " i dunno what i was doing this just isn't me i'm not like that" and we never talked again after that I ran into her a few times but she wud look the other way abruptly. the word ended up getting out and it turned into this huge thing anyway i haven't talked to her since the whole thing occured and even heard she now considered herself a "homophobic" anyway i just went on my my space and she friend requested me than even messaged me asking how I have been??

I AM COMPLETLY confused as to what this means?? I have yet to write her back and i am confused if I even shud write her back?? or what her motive behind this is?

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    Hmm.... I would accept her request, first off. And I would also write her back, definitely.

    She most likely either

    A.) Feels guilty and wants to make amends and be friends again,

    B.) Just randomly messaged you and has no intentions of making up,

    or C.) Kinda likes you, and is coming to terms with her sexuality

    Regardless, if I were in your position I would want to write back to her and have it seem like you are happy, having fun and are very surprised to hear from her.

    Something like,

    "I've been doing really well- just busy with work and school and friends- its nice and unexpected to hear from you! Hope you're doing great, Mikayla"

    Short and sweet, not mean and not overly nice. Also, by not asking any questions in your response, it gives you the upper hand. She's cold shouldered you for a LONG time, she can't just waltz back into your life and have your full attention!! ; ) This way, you don't completely blow her off, but you don't bow down to her (do you still have any feelings for her?) Options are open.

    I've been there.

    I hope this helps!

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    Maybe you should try talking to her and find out what went wrong. It could be possible that she felt the same way but wasn't sure how to come out to the world yet. Coming out of the closet is a big thing for some people especially when there are homophobes out there that try and make their life hell. Don't stress too much, I'm sure she was just scared and over reacted. Just talk to her and good luck.

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    accept her friend request and just go with the flow. Maybe she is coming around to accepting people for who they are and doesn't care if you like girls. This is a good thing.

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    alright there are two obvious replies to this...and of course there's a chance that im not right in either

    A) she is afraid that she is gay and tried to avoid dealing with it bc it would be too hard for her to accept. so she openly/socially/publicly cut you off bc she is afraid to have people know but she may be ready to discuss it a little more privately, ie :you perhaps.

    B) more likely--she msg'd you bc -oh my gosh this may be a shock- but she has soul. she knows that she may have hurt you by ditching you and she is genuinely curious as to how you are doing bc she cares about your feelings.

    its not easy for everyone to even think about being gay depending on their background. people go there entire lives w/o coming out so its not surprising that she flipped out.

    my advise it to not bring it up...homosexuality in general and that time you two hooked up. let her bring it up if that what she wants to talk about. im sure there are other things that would prove to be good convo topics.

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    just write back to her

  • 1 decade ago

    write back maybe she realized she overreacted

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