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Does anyone here suggest a good treatment for dry skin?

Every time I put make-up my dry skin just looks awful when I put my foundation under my eyes (some around my face.) Does anyone know an effective and fast way to treat it or something I could put with the foundation to make it more moist? Any good personal techniques or products you guys use? I have two weeks to treat it.

Thanks so much! :D

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    moisturize your skin every night. I have very sensitive skin, and my face dries out horribly. Also, are you using any face wash that stings your skin, or dries it out?

    I was born with dry skin, haha and I used proactiv - which dried out my skin even more, I stopped using it and stared using products by Cetaphil. It's great, keeps my face moisture and won't block pores or anything

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    I mix my foundation with a little bit of moisturiser before puting it on my face.

    some other tips would be-

    -moisturising 10-20 minutes before putting on foundation

    -using a tinted moisturiser instead of foundation

    -a face mask made out of honey is good for dry skin, leave it on for 10 minutes. If you do this every night it will help your dry skin.

    hope this helps (:

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    Yep, it's called skin care. Your skin should always be kept clean and protected (moisturized) before applying anything else. I like the products at

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    i definately recommend vitamin e oil or raw shea butter.They are the best moisturisers in town

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    do you wear moistizer? thats' super important!!! i always remember to put it arond the nose, mouth and around the eyes.

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    well i personally like LUBIDERM lotion, or QUEEN HELENE COCOA BUtter. Also, I've found hemp lotion works pretty well too... Hope it helps!

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