Every time I type in yahoo.com in my browser I get m.yahoo.com. I can't get my old yahoo front page back. ?

i cant get my regular yahoo.com page back in my browser. everytime I type in yahoo.com it goes to m.yahoo.com and I don't like the looks of that page. my other computer is not having that problem. what do i do. I've tried changing the main page but it won't save it as yahoo.com it keeps going to m.yahoo.com

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Extremely frustrating, huh?

    Well, I found this answer as I was getting pretty mad myself since I just bought a brand new computer and I had no idea what the "m" was even for. Anyway, try this..it worked for me, no problems at all!

    I hope it works for you!

    "try erasing your browsing history. you can do this by going to tools on internet explorer. you are going to see that it says delete browsing history, when you click on it, a window is going to pop up. then press the button that says erase all. and try typing www.yahoo.com again, and then if you get to the page click on the left upper hand corner where it says make yahoo my homepage."

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