How did Darth Vader know that Luke and Leia are his children?

By the end of Episode 3, Darth Sidious told Darth Vader that Padme is dead and did not mention the fate of their twins, Luke and Leia... If he knew all along that Luke and Leia are alive, why didn't he get them from their adoptive parents?....

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    you just answered half the question

    He believed Padme was dead. He believed everything the emporer told him.

    At the end of New Hope he knew something was unique about the pilot that destroyed the death star.

    now there is something odd now that i think about it

    when the fleet finds out the rebels are on hoth, Vader says "and i believe Skywalker is there with them"

    but yet by star wars lore there is no way he could have known that.

    in fact it contradicts itself 30 minutes later.

    In the scene where Vader talks to the Emporer, he is told that the pilot who destroyed the death star is the son of Anakin Skywalker. Well that was the first time he knew his son was alive.

    as for leia, he didnt even know there were of children untill he sensed the love between them in ROTJ.

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    I heard somewhere that Lucas wrote the whole 6 part story and decided to make part IV - Star Wars first. I don't believe this to be true. It seems to me that Lucas decided to add the plot twist about Vader being the father of Luke and Leia after Star Wars was made. Because if you watch Star Wars carefully, there is no indication at all - not even subtle clues, that suggest that Vader had any relationship at all to Luke or Leia. In fact, if Star Wars would have flopped in the theaters and therefore the following sequels never made, Vader would have gone down in history as just a villain and Luke and Leia the heroes - that's it. With the success of Star Wars, Lucas decided to add the plot twist of vader being the father of Luke and Leia to Empire Strikes Back. He then made the recent trilogies with this plot twist in mind. That's why the many fallacies you mentioned.

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    Darth Leia

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    In Episode V, the emperor guys tells Darth Vader that Luke is the offspring of Anakin Skywalker.

    And Darth Vader says "impossible" so he didn't know before that.

    Source(s): I just watched this like 3 days ago... It was my 1st time tho so i'm still a bit confused.
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    Well, it is pretty obvious to anyone that Luke is his son, given that he was given to Anikan's family members and his last name is Skywalker. I think the idea was though, that Vader felt (with the force) that Luke was his son during the Battle of Yavin (so he researched him). I don't think he knew that Leia was his daughter though, because I don't think he knew Padma had twins...

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    He felt it with the force.

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