I've had a few weird unexplained things happen in the past. Could they be explained?

1. While i was walking up the stairs in the dark, I saw a dark figure walking down which i thought was my dad. But when i turned the lights on, no one was there.

2. I woke up in the middle of the night to the stereo blasting downstairs. I was wondering why no one in my family heard it. When came to the stereo to switch it off, i noticed the volume was all the way at maximum level (its one of those old school tower speakers, can you imagine hearing maximum level in the middle of the night?)

3. I was in the living room using the computer at night. The lights were off there but the lights were on in the adjacent kitchen. Then out of nowhere i heard the door slowly open in the kitchen (it opens to the garage). It opened about 2ft. I was frozen in terror just staring into the darkness of the garage wondering who or what did that. Then maybe after 30 seconds i got the courage and just ran into the garage and turned on the lights there. Everything was normal: the doors in the garage were all closed. So no draft could've opened the door.

p.s. Oh my goodness! While i was writing #3, (at night in my room by myself and quiet) i heard this sound like some small object fell either inside or outside my room. it friggin scared the sheet out of me! I don't know what the heck that was!

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    I assume that these events have happened one after another. Sometimes its our imagination which plays one thing and then we start getting paranoid or start being suspicious of things which are normally happening around us. For example it cud have been a play of shadows by which u felt someone was there on the staircase....

    U did the right thing in rushing in and checking out the garage, though i wud have suggested carrying smthg to defend urself with. But rather than being spooked, u need to be careful. For example it cud have been a thief who might hav hidden in ur garage.

    Be alert and aware, dont be frightened. For all u know someone might try to scare u or is doing it riht now knowing how u wud respond

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    You could just be freaking yourself out when tired and sensitive to small sounds etc, however as someone who does believe in the existence of spirits it sounds like you might have one. Very few earthbound spirits can do harm, although poltergeists are known to throw objects around.

    I used to live in a house which saw regular spirit activity, often new ones each week, the only really consistent visitor was my mother's father who had died about 4 years earlier. The best way to handle it is to think back about the incidents and decide whether your being communicated with, or harmed (psychologically).

    If you want to find out what's really happening try talking to it when you hear such noises or sense something around that you can't explain. I'd suggest for your own safety learning how to produce a psychic shield before attempting contact though. This will protect you if the spirit is a little aggressive.

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    1) Your dad could unknowingly be astrally projecting and thinking he is dreaming. This could be a ghost who you thought looked like your dad. You could also be seeing the future where he walks down the stairs.

    2) Are you the most attuned to paranormal activity? If so, there are hauntings where only certain people can pick up on them, like the one you had.

    3) It sounds like a ghost. Don't worry, a ghost opening a door is not trouble. It's like you opening a door.

    4) A ghost or a poltergeist.

    Dude, your house is totally haunted. That's awesome.

    If the ghost starts attacking you, then it's not that awesome. MOVE. lol.

  • 5 years ago

    If you haven't any feasible clarification of a man or woman or puppy it is puzzling to me. Ghosts and negativie entities and shadow individuals or something you wanna name them frequently do not do matters like flip a knob on a range until they're great powerful. In a case like this I might do a essential "condo cleaning" on most sensible of constructing certain it isn't a prank OR it isn't whatever with the range knob. I might calm down until it occurs once more. Burn a few candles and sage, you'll be able to do a wide variety of matters when you consider it is a non bodily entity. Truly regardless that verify the range knob first.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Oh its terrible. Yes its a ghost.

    2. Yes its too a ghost which tried to grab your attention on it.

    3. Don't worry they won't harm you. Don't be feared then the ghost may caught. Courage is the first enemy to vanish them. This time it tried to watch you. Its intention is to threat you.

    4. The ghost again. Please be Bold while living in such haunted house.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1:it could be your gaurdian angel

    2:idk sorry!


    P.s:porbably it was the ghost that opened the dor was the one hu just moved the object!

    maybe they are protewcting you or they want to be your friend or your house is just noramlly haunted

    hope this helps

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    You can make things happen.

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