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Why dose my cat cry at night, she sit outside my bedroom door and cries till i let her in?

Ahh its bugging me help me please, i am not aloud to let her in at night too.


She is 2 years old, but she just want to love you and paw you but she doesn't get it that its night night time i have another cat but she doesn't do this.

Update 2:

She Pees in my room is why i cant let her in

Update 3:

My mom has been putting cemicals down on the spot and she is going to sand the area and try to get rid of the deep down smell.

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    Because she loves you & wants to be near you. My kitten sleeps next to my belly.

    As for peeing, soak her potential pee spots in something she'd find offencive smelling. Pour talcum/baby/carpet cleaner powder into your carpet. You can vacuum it up later. For something less messy, spray your carpet with citric (lemon especially) arisols every single day or leave lemon or banana peel on the carpet. My cats hate the way they smell.

    A cat's brain is like a human babies, well, babies are a bit dumber, but cats are jealous creatures & will resent you if you don't pay attention when they want it. I've even known a few to hold permanent grudges, then they get back at you by peeing on stuff. Maybe that's what happened in the first place.

  • A few things to take into consideration:-

    * Make sure the cat has food, water, and a clean litter box. Your kitty could simply be communicating that she wants something to be done about one of those things.

    * Figure out when your cat is not meowing. Is it a certain time of day or during a certain activity? If you pay attention to kitty, does she continue to meow? When does she start again? Then, try to find a way to continue whatever activity stops the meowing (for example, if kitty consistently meows after you stop playtime, get some games for her to amuse herself with after you go to bed)


    * Consider a trip to the vet. When cats are vocal, they are usually trying to communicate something to us... check with your vet to make sure your pet is healthy. There are certain times when cats are noisier, like when they are in heat or pregnant.

    Many times kitties meow for attention... and many times they meow exactly when we wouldn't (or couldn't) pay attention to them. I agree with the general consensus to ignore pets when they behave in attention-seeking ways. However, the big problem with this is often the pets don't stop immediately. That can be very frustrating... and makes it hard not to pay attention. Which just continues the cycle!

    You need to try to break the cycle. If pets get a response from you by doing something (meowing, barking, etc.), they are just repeating that action to get a response again. The first rule of thumb is do not respond directly to the cat’s meowing even to get up, shush, or yell – any response counts as one, even if it isn't a positive one. If your pet continues to meow, try a time out. Shut the door to the room you are in, when she stops meowing, she can come play. If she meows again, back out she goes. More than anything else, this will take time and patience. Good luck!

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    She simply wants to be where you are, gets lonely. You can either let her in or let her cry. You could maybe put her in another room and close the door so you can't hear her cry.

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    Try putting a empty cardboard box with two sides and a open front infront of the door.

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    she is lonely! she wants to get your attention! my cat does the same thing... she cries until I let her in... she has slept with me every night since she was 2 days old (she was disowned by her mother and we took her in and bottle fed her)... and if i ever close my bedroom door, she is crying and pawing at the door to get to me... she just wants to curl up in the warm and cozy bed with you!

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    She wants to be with you. Also, if you keep letting her in you're conditioning her to cry every night until you let her in. I'd wear ear plugs if I were you.

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    if somebody told me i'm not aloud to let her in at night time i would still let her in.

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    Shes lonley!

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    Your cat is lonely and wants to be with you. Your cat should be in at night not outside where predator's can attack or kill her. I honestly wonder why some people have pets at all.

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    She just misses you and wants to be around you.

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